Day 9: How To Make A Dragon

How to Make a Dragon


Matt Zurbo

So, you want to make a dragon!?
(Boy and girl staring at the viewer)

First, get rid of any scientists. All those facts! Brrrr!
(Boy pulling trap door lever, scientists falling, clipboard in air. Girl, thumb to nose, fingers out, poking tongue)

Now, there are many types of dragons. Pick one.
(Line up of dragons – Japanese, Chinese, Nordic, water, sky, fire. Two kids walking line up, hand on chin, contemplating which one)

Or, invent your own. Here’s one we prepared earlier…
(Stick figure of kooky dragon, drawn in crayon on paper, complete with stick figure person on fire)

Of course, some children will paint their dragons, some will draw them, or write about them, or imagine them in clouds.

We suggest starting with water pipes, duct tape, and some rakes. Whatever’s about!
(Boy leaning into shed, throwing everything out of it. Girl tilted back, so none of it hits her, hands full of this and that)

Don’t be afraid to recruit help.
(Frame of dragon being built. Two rakes for mouth, hose, with small drip, dangling where tongue goes, umbrella frames and torn old sheets for wings. Boy on ladder, putting eightball in eye socket, Mum nailing something on, Dad painting it orange, Girl with blueprint, and oversized foreman’s helmet, barking orders)

Neighbours are great!
(Man of different nationality handing green painted roof tiles over the fence. Lady bringing wheelbarrow of house paint)

Remember the small details…
(Dad, back 2/3rds to viewer, scratching his head, looking about, feet bare. Son, biting tongue in concentration, cutting line in tip of Dad’s sneaker. Girl holding Dad’s other sneaker up, admiring how, with two cuts in it’s tip, it looks like a claw)

Test your feature instalments before activating!
(Boy, turning tap, umbrella in spare hand. Girl behind Dragon riding around by holding onto the Hills Hoist clothesline. Dragon, completed, jaw open, water spurting from hose, like fire from mouth. Mum straining as she holds rope that loops over branch in tree, pulling wings up)  

Make sure your dragon passes all safety tests…
(Boy kicking Dragon leg. Girl behind him, flinching away. ‘Dragon’ still just a frame)

Okay, here’s the fun part; Giving your dragon a story. Tip: Ask a lot of old fishermen for their best dragon tales.
(Boy and girl taking notes around campfire as fishermen, one of them squinting an eye, on smoking a pipe, etc… are all animated, telling tall tales. The smoke from the fire is rising into the shape of a roaring dragon.)

Remember, every dragon needs an enemy to do battle with. Even another dragon!
(Old Dog dressed as dragon, complete with dragon ears and harness with dragons wings. Dog blowing a fart.)

Now, spin ten times and imagine real hard…
(Close up of both kid’s faces. Girl is teeth clenched, eyes closed, boy is spinning, straining with effort)

And, PRESTO! That’s pretty much it.
(Double page spread of dragon coming to life/flying, wings spread, half real, half made of bits. Girl on its back, cheering, Boy on ground cheering. Old dog just standing there, barking.)

Hang on… Did you get your settings right…?
(Dragon, looking down menacingly at Boy and Girl, smoke coming from its nose)

Wah! Too lifelike!!
(Boy and Girl leaping through air, pants on fire, as big shoot of flame crosses the page)

Little sister to the rescue!
(Baby in nappies marching forward)

Aww…Some warrior you are!
(Dragon nursing baby in its arms, loving look on its face)

Hours of fun!
(Long shot of family back yard in a sea of suburbia, Dragon flying, blowing flame, boy deflecting it with shield. Girl attacking with rake, eyes shut, old dog barking)

Lastly, tell tales of your Dragon. Maybe others will build one.
(Boy and Girl in front of other kid, boy has hands clawed and above him, in air, as he growls at friend. Girl is raving on)

The End.
(Boy and Girl asleep in rake mouth of woodwork/made/real dragon)

End pages
(Dragon in dress around picnic blanket beneath tree house, as kid sister pours Mr Bunny a cup of tea)

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