Message to publishers and artists

Hi. Cielo is free to the world, but obviously, if you are interested in any of these stories, to publish, or illustrate, just send an email to the address below.

Artists, you are welcome to send me a link to your web page. I am insanely jealous of great artists! I worship them and love working with them. If you are sending images, sorry, initially a lower res would be best.
I like to make the best possible stories. I am always open to the editing process, and, artists, please note, none of the directions in each story are dictums. They are suggestions. A collaboration should be a collaboration. I’m all ears (and eyes and toes)!

11 thoughts on “Message to publishers and artists

    1. Myra, thank you! Can you send me am email with a link of some sort to your work? It’s generally not up to me, but I can always give publishers a nudge!! Or write a story or us and pitch it.


  1. My children are young adults – 2 in college and this morning I read “The Dragon who breathed letters” to one of them over the phone as he was on his way to his summer internship. He loved loved loved alphabets when he was a toddler. This story brought that back.

    Thank you for taking me back to a time that went by way too fast.


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  2. What a wonderful idea! I love that you love your daughter so much, and obviously love life! As someone who loves to dance, I really liked “Dance”. The joy is palpable! May all good things come your way. Thank you for bringing fresh eyes to our world. I am so glad to read this in the NYT, and hope it brings you financial compensation if that is your desire. I would love to buy an illustrated version of “Dance”!

    Thanks again,

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  3. What a lovely legacy to leave to Cielo.

    I feel I’m watching the start of something huge for you and for children’s books in general. Your stories are simply too good to not have a wider audience.

    Wishing you much success in everything – your day job, and in your writing.

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  4. Matt,

    I just had an awful week. Reading the NYTimes story about you just…helped ease all that gunk. what an incredibly lovely idea to write a story for each day of the year. I just read Feebie and oh my! …thank you for making my day!

    Publishers the world over are going to be at your door.
    I wish you much success.
    And what an incredible life story.
    Good luck to you, Elena and baby Cielo (what a pretty child and what a lovely name!)
    Thank you for brightening my day. You know this but you have a real talent. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏

    —-Massachusetts, USA

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