What is it?

Hi. I’m a short listed author, who loves making kids books, and new father of Cielo – a beautiful baby girl! I want to make a better world for her. Imagination trumps violence. Reading is a doorway to wisdom, understanding, adventurous minds. And the world is so full of stories and ideas! As an ode to my daughter, I am writing 365 children’s books in 365 days, giving each one art direction, and putting them on the internet for free.

Writing has been good to me. This is my gift to her. My way of giving something back.


If you are a parent who wants to draw a children’s book for your kid, use one of these! If you are an art teacher who wants to teach your students storytelling, bango! If you are a graphic designer or illustrator, who wants to have a crack, go for it! IF YOU ARE SIMPLY A KID WHO WANTS SOMETHING FUN TO READ, OR DRAW…! HOORAY!


Most will work simply read out loud as bedtime stories.


Stories lead to stories, imagination inspires imagination! Through imagination we build a better planet. I hope this ode, done out of love, brings you joy!