Day 144: Backwards Billy With Hanging

Backwards Billy With Hanging
Matt Zurbo


The End.
(Billy Backwards and Tully Tuckers hugging, Tully looking confused, Billy looking content. Billy has voodoo beads on over otherwise plain clothes.)

“Wow! That was great! Let’s do it again sometime!” Billy Backwards cheered.
“What was? Why am I wet? Why are we hugging?” said Tully Tuckers.
(Billy leaping, punching air in victory. Tully confused, looking at her wet clothes. Naked kid, embarrassed, walking away – covering privates with a voodoo book.)

“I suppose you were right all along. I’m sorry… if you are?” admitted Billy.
“Gah! Sorry about what? You’re a very hard person to hang out with, Billy Backwards!” protested Tully.
(Billy, arms out in forgiveness towards Tully. Steam everywhere, water beneath them. Naked kid looking startled/embarrassed.)

“More water! Keep the hose going!” roared Billy.
“Hose? What? Hey, what’s with all this steam and goo?” stuttered Tully.
(Billy holding a hose, water and steam everywhere. He is shouting loudly. There is a shape in the steam.)

“I think it’s working…!” Billy shouted.
“Augggh! Look out! A monster!” yelped Tully.
(Billy spraying hose everywhere. Angry, wet monster is holding Billy and Tully in its claws. Steam everywhere.)

“Okay! Okay already! I’ll use the water!” moaned Billy.
“WHAH! No! The water is just making it grow!” squawked Tully.
(Monster now huge! Billy and Tully are being dangled by it over its open mouth. Billy is grabbing a hose off of Tully, and dropping a voodoo book.)

“I think we’re about to be eaten! I just can’t stay mad at you,” sniffled Billy Backwards.
“Who what? Well, I’m getting mad at you! Help! Help!” cried Tully Tuckers.
(Billy and Tully trapped in claws of monster, its eyes huge, staring at them. Tully has a hose. Billy a voodoo book.)

“Oh, no! My voodoo’s not working!” wailed Billy.
“Sure it is! The monster’s shrinking!” cheered Tully.
(Monster shrieking at sky while Billy dances on top of one of its claws, and reads from voodoo book, and shakes a rattle, voodoo beads around his neck, chicken foot in hand. Tully is hanging onto other claw, hose hooked on foot.)

“Don’t even speak to me! I hate you! I’ll do this on my own!” fumed Billy.
“Huh? Gasp! Hey, it’s letting go,” said Tully.
(Billy furious, shouting at Tully, while holding voodoo book and chicken claw out at monster, which is smaller now, but lunging at them.)

“Don’t make us enemies, at least try to do this my way!” complained Billy.
“We’re what? I’m so confused.”
(Tully looking at her hose, confused, while monster shrinks more. Billy is reading from voodoo book, sprinkling snails into small fire.)

“A hose won’t work, I tell you! It’s not as though this monster is just a kid with a billion layers of grime,” barked Billy.
“Look, it’s backing off!” yelled Tully.
(Monster now further way, and no bigger than a very large man, body sideways, but looking towards them. Tully putting down her hose. Billy freaking out.)

“Stop yelling! I don’t KNOW why it’s growing!”
“Are you still mad at me?”
(Monster the size of an ordinary person. Head tilted back, mouth open, as it is dropping a cat into it. Tully and Billy arguing in the foreground.)

“Yoiks! Don’t blame me!”
“I give up,”
(Puff of smoke around startled looking monster. Billy leaping in freight. Book and beads and chook foot in air.)

“Walla, walla, walla,
goink, goink, dance!
Kid never washes,
put him in a trance…!” Billy chanted.
“Hey! The monster is just a dirty kid. Maybe he simply needs a hose down,” said Tully.
(Billy dancing and chanting as he reads from book, shaking his maraca. Tully noticing a hose and tap beside her. A dirty Pigpen-like kid is walking by in the background in the exact spot the monster was.)

“Haha! This is great. I love being your friend!” smiled Billy.
“But you just…? What…?”
(Billy making a fire, putting a pot on it, putting on beads. Voodoo book open at Billy’s feet. Tully just scratching head, confused.)

“Check it out! A voodoo book! Let’s cast a spell!”
(Billy stopping, excited over a book in the grass, book is on top of beads and maraca and chook foot. Tully is past the book, looking deadpan at reader.)

“I’m bored. What do you want to do today…?” Billy Backwards asked.
“You drive me nuts!” groaned Tully Tuckers.
(Both of them walking in scratchy grass, hands in pockets. Billy whistling. Tully annoyed.)

One day, in the paddock behind Billy Backwards’ place…
(Text, no image…)


The Beginning.






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