Day 37: Build a Moat

Build a Moat
Matt Zurbo


If I could I’d build a moat, I guess I’d also build a boat.
Me, my dog, a wombat and a friendly troll called Groat.

He’d build his own boat, would Groat,
and we’d race laps around our moat.

I’d build my moat around my house, we’d forever sail away,
yet be close enough to get home for dinner every day.

Zelko, Betty and Sergio would want to join in the fun,
they’d bring their own boat (and a rubber float), we’d race them in the sun.

I suppose the dragons, too, would want something to do.
We’d fight and splash and race and crash, they’d have a good time, too.

Then there’s the local engineer, a submarine he’d construct,
And every neighbourhood needs, some water for its ducks.

The Birdman Rally would need, somewhere soft and wet to land,
We could tow them with fishing lines, now there’s a cunning plan!
(People in various hand-made, non-engine, fun decorated Chinese gliders, box kites, arm wings, etc… all being pulled along on fishing lines, by one fisherman. )

When I think of it, I guess, pirates would want to come along.
We’d have an epic battle, and sing rude sailor songs!

The local school excursion, tourists looking for some crocs,
the swimming team, the firemen, an old lady washing her socks!

The frogs, goannas, birds, who no longer have a wetland,
my moat would be so crowded, there’d be no room to stand!

And when a storm came, thunder and lightening, LOOK OUT!
Everybody bashed and thrown, and knocked and tossed about!

Then, as the sun set, Groat would shoo everybody home,
until he, the wombat, my dog and I were sailing all alone.

We’d do laps of my house, looking up at the stars and moon.
“If you don’t love life,” Groat would sigh, “you must be a loon…”

Right, so lets get started! Oh, no! Here comes Mum!
(Kid, waist deep in hole he is digging in back yard, half way through a shovel, looking startled at reader)

Another grand plan foiled. Banished, deprived of fun!
(Kid, muddy, moping, sitting on floor in his small, clustered attic room.)

(Wordless page, kid, still sitting on floor in semi-dark, animated, finger in air, as he has just had an idea.)

Ho-ho! My next idea! This one will do the trick!
(Kid, dog watching, wombat climbing in window, Groat peaking through window, as kid tips bed onto its end, so frame is upright)

Let’s build a tower to the moon! Build it real quick!
(Final, circular image on white page. Moon high in sky, silhouette of kid and wombat and Groat building, climbing house furniture tower into the sky, being circled by dragon or two and a birdman)


The End


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