Day 38: Shadow Play

Shadow Play
Matt Zurbo


Elena was a happy little girl, who somehow saw everything not quite right.

To her eyes, Dogs that were friendly seemed to be the colour blue. If they were angry they looked red.

Good music, to Elena, almost tasted sweet.

Then, one day, when the winter sun was setting low, it caught the rising mist, turning everything white!

A lady walked by. Elena noticed her shadow was not normal at all!
(Sweet old lady walking in font of a kid absorbed with using a yoyo, but her shadow is of a young girl, smiling, also using a yoyo.)

It was the same everywhere she looked…
(A street cleaner, making happy/friendly “Boo!” face, while looking down on a baby in a pram. Cleaner has wings-of-an-angel shadow)

(A bully boy with shadow of T-Rex, smaller kid walking by, but shadow is climbing a wall and hiding behind a window)

Who would have thought grumpy Miss Glock loves to dance?
(Lady walking with slightly frumpy face, headphones on, small music notes around ears, her wildly dancing, messy-haired shadow behind her)

(Kids in playground, the ones on the monkey bars have shadows that look like monkeys, doing amazing monkey tricks)

(Man in suit, expressionless, kicking a can, but his shadow is of a soccer star booting the ball though the air)

(Girl holding balloon, in her shadow the balloon is flying and her and it ae half way up the wall.)

The whole street took on a new light!
(Elena smiling, sun-rays all over one side of her face, her shadow on wall behind her, is in wonder, mouth open in awe.)

The florist could see there was something different about Elena today. “Oh. Um, thank you,” Elena said.
(We see the florist from above, as she hands Elena a flower. The florist’s shadow, trailing behind her, is of a magician, wand touching the Elena shadow on the head)

(From side on we see Elena walking past a brick wall, the odd band poster here and there. In the bottom corner of fame, a cat is perched on bin with lid off, eating fish. Cat’s shadow sitting at a table, crown on its head, eating with knife and fork. Elena is looking at the lone flower she is holding in front of her. Her shadow, though, is arched as if flying, smelling the rose, smiling)

Then Elena saw Julie Scree. Julie was trouble.
(Julie is bigger than Elena. Julie is laughing at Elena, pointing at the small flower. Her shadow is huge, swinging a butterfly net down on Elena’s shadow, which is of a rabbit)

“Don’t panic,” Elena thought.
(Image of Elena’s face looking up, jaw and sharp teeth shadow consuming it.)

“Here’s a present, it makes people happy,” Elena said. “You need this more than me…”
(Elena handing Julie the flower. Julie looks startled. Elena’s shadow is long and tall, throwing love hearts everywhere. Julie’s is very small, like a baby.)

One thing was for sure…
(Elena walking down street in front of wall, past boys and girls on skate ramp. Boys and girls on skateboards, cool, expressionless, yet their shadows portray their various moods; flying, scared, laughing, doing stunts, lounging, the one with a bit of air has a shadow that looks like a surfer, his skateboard replaced with a surfboard, bigger kid with shadow of big dog, little kids following like puppies, with puppies shadows)

It was the BEST sunset Elena had ever seen!
(View from above and behind Elena. We can only see the back of her/her head. But the street in front of her has a man in a suit, with a shadow of a guitar player, a busker with a shadow of a lion, a bird with a shadow of an eagle, overweight boy with skinny, strutting shadow: an awkward couple not paying any attention to each other, but their shadows are holding hands: a policeman who thinks he is a super hero, directing a kid across the street; a kid scootering by as if he is not there, but his shadow is blowing a raspberry at the policeman, a fat grocer spruiking his food as he is holding up and apple for sale. His shadow is juggling fruit. A kid dangling out of the second story window with boredom, but his shadow on the building wall is of an acrobat; a waddling baby that thinks it is running in long strides.)

The End
(Final image of Elena standing on grass, looking down with smile at her own long, tall shadow, white setting sun behind her, bathing everything in streaks of light. Her shadow has its arms wide with joy)


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