Day 133: For Cielo

For Cielo
Matt Zurbo.

These are the things I want for Christmas.
(Man watching his baby girl playing.)

To give you something.

For you to be happy.

To see you smile.

To see you do fun things.

To take you to amazing places,

To give you ideas.

To be inspired by your ideas.

To share laughter.

To make you proud.

To have you make me proud.

To listen to you tell stories,
under a beautiful sky,
no one else around.

To watch you tell stories to other people,
just to see the way you talk.

To stare at the moon with you, just to imagine things.

To watch you explore the world,

discover everything,


To tell Dad jokes to you.

To plant a tree for you, and watch it and you race up,
year after year,
until you’re both mighty,

full of life.

To be your fortress.

To watch you fall into the joy of music,
be lost in it.

To give you hugs that are 1,000 times better than words.

To enjoy Boxing Day with you,
once Christmas has let off its steam,
when the world is free of pressure,

all chores are done,

and we have nothing but time!

To listen to your smallest sigh.

Any one or all of the above would be fine.
(Back to man watching baby play.)

The End

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