Day 134: The Scientist

The Scientist
Matt Zurbo


The Scientist made three monsters.

Blurt, Frook and Bonk.

He gave them personalities.
(Blurt roaring, Frook scaring, Bonk, hand on chin, looking up at moth.)

Come Christmas he gave each of them a present.
(Scientist, bent knee comic walk, carry three wrapped gifts. Two large, one small.)

Blurt and Frook received the latest widget and gidjit operated virtual reality games, with hyper life goggles and matching interactive glove sensors.

Bonk was given a toy.
(A small carousel with two little painted planes, and one small, wooden boy, arms wide, all flying around it.)

“Make of wood…?” Bonk said.
“Yes,” the Scientist noted.
“Game not?”
“What Bonk do wrong?” Bonk asked.
“Wrong?” the Scientist said. “Nothing!”
(Bonk, confused, holding toy, looking at scientist, but pointing to other monsters playing their virtual reality game.)

“I’ve given you the best present of all… Imagination.”
(Bonk looking a bit puzzled, startled. Toy in front, between him and reader.)

(Bonk staring at toy.)

(Bonk still staring at toy.)

(Other two, goggles on, biting lips, focused on their computer games.)

(Bonk still watching toy, but all three flying objects drifting away from carousel.)

(First plane flying into gap of mighty storm.)

(Boy, arms wide, flying over never-ending, flat ocean.)

(Second plane spiralling up towards the stars.)

(Other two monsters cheering and carrying on, playing their games, knocking over Bonk and his carousel.)

(Bonk nursing carousel as he walks away, holding it against chest, glaring over his shoulder.)

(Bonk watching carousel he has placed on skull on ground.)

(First plane is dodging lightening.)

(Boy is flying through octopus arms that are reaching from water, arching over and close to him.)

(Second plane has landed on the moon. Pilot is standing on it, head in motor, fixing it.)

(Pilot from first plane looking down, through lightening, as boy flies along ocean, all sorts of marine life leaping about.)

(First plane swooping, flying boy holding onto one of its landing wheels, as leaping shark just misses him.)

(Boy legs hooked around first plane’s landing gear, is grabbing second plane and pilot, lifting them into the air, as white moon dragon lunges.)

(All three weaving lazily through the air, downwards.)

(All three flying left to right, through sunset.)

(All three entering vortex of carousel.)

(All three back to being around small, toy carousel, while Bonk watches with wonder!

(Bonk toy in hand, smiling, hugging startled scientist.)

“Fank Yew!” said Bonk.
“So, what did you imagine?” the scientist asked.
“Much! Give Bonk ideas! Bonk tell…” Bonk smiled.
(Bonk, toy in hand, eyes wide, arms wide, imitating flying, talking. Scientist taking notes. Other two monsters sitting on ground, goggles still on, mouths open zombie-like, still playing game.)

(Final image of Bonk smiling, looking up at sky.)

The End

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