Day 128: Little Tiger

Little Tiger
Matt Zurbo

Novi was a little ratbag, full of love and joy.
(Cute little girl, pigtails, raggy doll in hand.)

Her dad called her Little Tiger,
so that’s how she saw herself.
(Cute little tiger cub, standing like Novi, holding raggy doll)

At first it was fun.
(Little tiger chasing a moth.)

But then…
“Hi Mum and Dad!” Novi said.
(Little Tiger holding hand up/waving to Mum and Dad who are leaping in shock/running away in fear.)

“What’s up?” asked Goog.
He got his nickname because he was a bald baby, like a googy egg.
“My parents don’t recognise me,” said Novi.
(Little tiger looking miffed. Egg with skinny arms and legs walking into frame.)

“Why not?” asked Freckle Face.
“Because I’m a Little Tiger!”
(Kid COVERED in freckles asking little tiger who is roaring.)

“Well, I’m skinny so Mum calls me Matchstick!” complained Matchstick.
“Me too! MY dad calls me Bones!” ranted Bones.
(Matchstick kid and skeleton talking either side of sitting little tiger.)

“My Dad’s a butcher. He called me T-Bone!” said T-Bone.
(T-bone kid, little tiger drooling, holding knife and fork. skeleton holding tiger back.)

“I just get called T!” said Tommy.
(All a little surprised as big letter T with face and legs speaks.)
“I’M THE NOISE MACHINE!” said The Noise Machine.
(Robot kid SHOUTING into megaphone.)

“How do I change back!?” fretted Novi.
(Looking at held out paws.)
“Don’t panic!” said Bubbly Zebra Muffin.
(Oversized, stripy muffin blowing bubbles, while standing next to little tiger.)

“Just call your parents a nickname and see how they like it!” growled Angry Ant.
(All kids looking down at little angry ant with school shorts on.)

“Don’t listen to him,” purred Cutie Cat. “Just do something to get a new nickname.”
(Cat-girl sitting on window ledge, talking down to little tiger. Cheeky monkey looking up, reading the typeface/words.)
“What a great idea!” said Cheeky Monkey. “I think I’ll steal it!”

“Hey!” yiped Moo.
(Monkey, with cute cat’s words under its arm, leapfrogging over cow kid. A Wild Thing kid, startled, is watching.)

“Cheeky Monkey went that way!” pointed Z-Man, who’s real name was Zelko.
(Super hero kid with Z on chest, pointing. Little tiger, cute cat, T, and bubbly zebra muffin all running in said direction.)

Treasure, Pup, Thunderpants! Mermaid Girl, Little Monster, Bunyip, Crocodile Breath, Boogi (Girl standing with finger up nose.)
(Name over each character, standing there, as cheeky monkey hops and jumps over them, words still under his arms. Little tiger on ground, still chasing.)

“Cheeky monkey’s up in the tree!” called Goose.
(Goose pointing up tree, where monkey is in branches.)
“I never give up!” Little Tiger raged.
(Little tiger on ground, angry, jumping and clawing to reach monkey.)

“Go, Little Tiger!” cheered Big Bird.
(Tiger and Monkey wrestling, dust, leaves, words everywhere. Big bird beneath them, cheering.)

“Look at that Little Angel trying to help that boy down from the tree,” said Mum.
(Monkey wrapped around/clinging to branch, little tiger below, hanging onto his leg, both looking deadpan at Mum and Dad.)

(Poof! Puff of smoke and it is now a little angel holding onto monkey leg.)

“Gasp! It’s Novi!” said Mum.
“A… little angel?” grumbled Novi.
(Novi pouting, Mum shocked, Dad amused.)
“Haha! You look so CUTE!” teased Dad.

(Little angel storms off in a huff.)

“What’s wrong with her, Bottom Breath?” said Mum.
“Novi doesn’t like Angels, I guess, Fish Bowl Head!” said Dad.
(Mum’s head is now a fishbowl with a few goldfish in it. Dad’s head is a farting bottom. Their body language is scratching head, watching where Novi went.)

The End.

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