Day 129: Run!

Matt Zurbo

(Just think funny creatures, re: the great Dr Seuss. Or several kids. Either way, no art direction. This is is one for the artist, and their imagination.)

Look! A blank page! 

What can you do?

Run across it real fast,
bring your friend, too!

Run, if you can, 
for no reason at all!

No matter how big, awkward 
or small. 

Run under a bridge,
or over the top,

Don’t let anyone tell you,
that you should stop!

Run with a dinosaur,
then from one, too.

It’s a different sort of running,
you’ll have to do! 

Run to be free, 
or after a kite!

Run with the breeze,
run through the night.

Run to explore,
then run some more,

Run until lost,
then into a door!

Run with Gazoinks,
and Ziperty-Dops.

With flying Badoinks,
and slithering Voinks.

Run with the bats,
then with the birds.

Run with the migrating 
animal herds.

Jump when you run!
sail through the air!

Land with a crash,
then jump over there!

Hop if you have to, 
boink, boink, splash, boing!

Take a scooter,
tin car,
while sining a song!

Carry a monster,
across your broad back.

Run it into your dreams,
then run it back. 

Run! Run I say!
Flop and fall about!

Run with a tide,
of high leaping trout!

Run, RUN!
It can’t be stressed enough!

Run with everything,
twisted and gruff.

Run from a distance,
run right up close!

Run wherever
you enjoy most.

Don’t forget, while running,
to help your fellow man.

Carry the injured
as best you can.  

Run to the top!
Then down again.

Run through a crowd,
run with a band.

Run away with the circus,
then leave them behind,

Keep running, keep running,
oh, the joy you will find!

Stop if you must,
to hurt,
catch your breath.

Then get going again,
still needing more rest. 


Run right off the page,
as if chased by the law!

Leave it blank for tomorrow,
when you’ll run some more.


The End.





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