Day 39: Counting Sound

Counting Sound
Matt Zurbo

(So many kid’s books, especially for little ones, don’t have sound effects. It’s a shame, they are so much fun! Physical. Cielo loves nothing more!)


Little Lucy was tired of counting sheep.
They fart, they eat, they bleat.

But ONE mountain lion roaring,
now that would be a treat!

TWO ship horns blaring,
shook her to her feet.

THREE bottoms farting?
Phew, admit defeat!

FOUR monkeys chittering!
“A banana, a banana to eat!”

FIVE pogo sticks bouncing,
up and down the street!

SIX monsters growling?
Lucy, beat a quick retreat!

SEVEN bells chiming,
a sweet song nice and neat!

EIGHT owls hooting?
A sound I’d love to keep!

NINE trumpets playing.
Wave your arms, tap your feet!

TEN silly noises!
Wow! That can’t be beat!
(Boing, zoink, chugga-chugga of weird robots, space ships, zombies, etc…)

“WAIT!” Little Lucy cried. “AAAARRRGGGG! I want more!”
(Double page spread, close-up of Lucy’s head, eyes scrunched, mouth wide, screaming as if not fed!)

“How about the sound
of the slamming of a door?”
(Lucy’s back to us, image getting smaller, more white around edges of page, word “SLAM!” above her)

“Or a dingo as it howls
and scratches with its paw!’”
(Even smaller as she gets further away, word “Hoooooooowl, hooooooowl!” above her)

“Or the slobber of a ghoul
eating a little kid raw?”
(Barely a quarter of the page, “Oooooooo…!”)

“Or the chirp of…” she kept on talking,
as her voice faded away.
(Even smaller, barely visible)

(empty street)

Come back tomorrow, Lucy,
with ten more sounds to say!
(Sound effects everywhere: Splash! Crash! Bash! Slash! Bing, Bang, Boom, Zoom! Meow, Pow, Rattle, Pop, Moo! Choo-Choo, Chirp-chirp, Hooray, Boo-hoo!)


The End.

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