Day 8: Little Jellyfish and the Underwater Olympics

Little Jellyfish and the Underwater Olympics


Matt Zurbo

(I would like this book to be informative, as well as fun. One or two amazing facts about these creatures, even the mermaids, to either be in a discretely coloured, small typeface in corner/dead zone of page, or after story in index. Not slowing down main story, but there if sought after.)

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Underwater Olympics!
(Little Jellyfish with 50s hat on, and slightly smaller jellyfish beside it, two little jellyfish following behind them, both carrying toy seahorses. They are surrounded by big crab legs and the fins of passing big fish, and a few small mussels and some sardines with runner numbers on their chests)

Oh! Look at the giant sea crabs, stretching before their race!
(Little Jellyfish is moving towards them, away from its family)

1… 2…3… GO!
(Crabs running over ocean floor, including a startled giant octopus – Little Jellyfish being thrown through the water – Little Jellyfish getting in way in every image from here until main body of story)

Hey, it’s the semi finals of the Wave Riding contest.
(dolphins, with seals and turtles watching)

Hmm, the judges are marking highly today!
(penguins on floating ice holding up score cards)

Yoik! It’s the Deep Sea team! They win the weight lifting every year!
(Creepy deep sea fish, lifting weights including barnacle-covered anchors)

Eels are naturals at Sunken Ship Treasure Hunts!

Shark Wrestling! Oi! Quit eating the contestants!

Albatross diving! So good!

Mermaids RULE the long jump!
(Mermaids and bearded mermen splashing out of water, cheeks puffed, holding noses/breath, tumbling and falling through the air, flying fish above them. Little Jellyfish being tossed by their motion through the air)

The 100 metres! Hey, stop getting in the way little fella!
(Little Jellyfish tumbling as swordfish and killer whales race)

What’s that, little jellyfish? You’re determined to be good at something? Yes, yes, move over please!

(Stingray pushing (annoyed) Little Jellyfish on)

Lobsters dominate at underwater volleyball!
(Lobsters vs starfish, using an old pirate’s scull for a ball. One of them shooing off Little Jellyfish)

Whale shot putt!
(using deep sea diver’s helmet)

We said get out of the way!
(Little Jellyfish pinned by motion to helmet.)

Gymnastics, anyone?
(Stingrays, hammerhead, penguins doing backflips, turtles balancing on flippers)

Check it out! It’s the Dinosaur Fossil contest! The lungfish are a sure bet!

Last event of the day. The Long Distance Migration Race! Wow!! 1,000kms in a day!
(image includes kelp finishing line and Little Jellyfish to the side looking mad)

Oh no! It’s getting dark, SO DISAPPOINTING! How will we celebrate?
(Little Jellyfish finally happy, starting to glow amazing colours)

Hang on, what is this…!? YAHOO! YIPPIE!
(Little Jellyfish glowing amazing colours, lighting up the place, its family glowing in background too)

(Little Jellyfish glowing amazing colours. Behind and around it, squid band is playing using empty shells, everybody dancing, including jellyfish family and a few pirate skeletons. One bigger fish is still chasing/trying to eat a little fish, who is trying to eat an even littler fish)

Time to award the medals! The Gold Octopus goes to the Swordfish! Silver to the Penguins! AND THE BRONZE GOLD OCTOPUS TO THE LITTLE JELLYFISH!
(Coral podium, walrus giving out golden octopuses)  

(Little jellyfish, with mother and two kid jellyfish, ‘chests out, (bronze medal consumed) pushing on, with wall of sea animals watching, seals, penguins, killer whales, schools of fish, turtles, etc…)

The End.

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