Day 11: Yoink, Boink, Bipperty Boo!

Yoink, Boink, Bipperty Boo


Matt Zurbo



(There is no reason the characters can’t be semi-human like in Dr Seuss stories, or there be two kids, boy and girl, a couple of weird creatures – similar to Where the Wild Things Are, and, say, a wombat. Or give one kid a skeleton suit or something for fun. If you go creatures path, tall kid should be a monster. This story it is really down to what would be the most fun for the artist!)

(Brother and sister looking at old radio, boy turning it on)

Whim, bam, BOOM, shazam!
Shake your booty like only you can!
(Boy, dancing, while girl watches.)

Zip, Zop, please don’t stop!
Spin and twirl just like a top!
(Girl dances, boy watches)

Flip, flop, jump, pop,
Give it your all! Rock, man rock!
(Both dance)

Yoip, boink, bipperty boo,
Limbo me and limbo you!
(Dad joins in)

Bing, boing, blam bam zoom,
Groove your way out of the room!

Shlip, shlop, diddle wop,
Dance on the street to hip hop!
(other kids join in)

Wonk, donk, wubba, wubba,
Groove with a stranger like a brother.

Clip, clop, zingadee doll,
everybody rock and roll!
(Band rocking outside store, kids dancing)

Shh, flitter, slump and crash,
The sad songs will never last.
(Everybody heads lowered, swaying, arms waving in sad song.)

Rage, rant, let out a roar!
Dance your way down to the floor!
(More and more join in)

Quick, quoke, quin fam foon,
One and all, be a loon!
(down at the docks)

Walla, willa, bella, zella,
Here stands one serious fella!
(Tall, mature, stony-faced, sticking out amongst dancing kids, the closest of them looking at stony man/or monster)

Tickerty, tackerty, tickerty, tick,
On the drums that girl is SICK!
(Man a bit startled, as girl whacks drumsticks on fire hydrant)

Hey, ho, go, go, go!
Blat that trumpet to and fro!
(Stony man totally into it, cheeks billowing as he blows into trumpet)

Twist, monkey, fly, boogaloo,
If we can dance then so should you!
(Everybody having a ball dancing, looking at reader)

Shoop, poop, bloik, fart,
Now we must all depart…
(Dancing into the distance)


The End

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