Day 24: Didgeridoo

Matt Zurbo


Didgeridoo how do you do?
I just blew a didgeridoo!

Billabong, just like in the song,
a bunyip lives in a billabong!

Kookaburra, will laugh for ya!
Laugh and laugh just like you ought ta!

Billycart or billygoat,
a billygoat with a sore throat!

A wombat does a square poo.
A cute poo for me and you!

Stack them high, into the sky,
Catch the attention of a fly!

Aussie Rules rules Australia!
This great game will never fail ya!

Dreamtime in, Dreamtime out!
So many stories all about!

Bushman’s swag, an old ute,
dog in the back, oh you beaut!

Take beaut ute down to the beach,
swim as naked as a peach!

Here comes Ned Kelly, Uncle Ned.
Armour that could deflect led!

In the end they caught Ned,
“Such is life,” Ned then said!

Kangaroo, hip, hip, hop.
Box and jump and please don’t stop!

Burke and Wills, a sad story,
they went out and died for glory!

Boomerang, boomer back!
I call my bed ‘the fart sack!’

A barbecue, hey, backyard cricket!
A Christmas treat, if you are in it.

The Outback – a long, long way.
Don’t get lost or there you’ll stay!

A dingo or two, or even three,
running wild and being free!

People here, people there,
Australians come from everywhere!

Our wide country takes all sorts,
and most sorts, they’re all good sports!
(people from many nationalities around a barbecue getting along)

A drongo and wack-a-doo!
Deadly and wicked, too.

Grouse and bonza, and true blue!
Remember dunny means the loo.

I speak Aussie, how ‘bout you?


The End

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