Day 30: Chilli Dog

Chilli Dog
Matt Zurbo

Kid One: What’s a chilli dog?
(Two kids, sitting on the street, hanging out. Behind them is a small food van, with vendor in it. The words Chilly Dogs above the opening)

That’s like a really cold dog!
(Image of rugged up, cold dog, in front of frozen over water bowl, and bone with icicles on it)

Kid One: Nahhh! It’s spelt differently.
(Two kids, a bit baffled, one pointing to the word Chilli)

It’s a dog that eats chilli!
(Dog, bowl full of red chillies, startled expression as it breathes fire.)

Haha, nope. A chilli dog is a kind of hotdog!
(Vendor leaning over counter, smiling, boys deadpan, one looking at reader)

Well, hose it down or something!
(Dog, super hot and panting, sun in background)

“Gah! A hotdog is really a type of sausage!”
(Vendor, throwing hands in the air)

Bleh! A sausage dog!?
(Sausage dog, confused, in a hotdog bun)

I heard they have chilli dog eating contests.
(People running everywhere around the vendor van with buns, trying to catch a sea of sausage dogs)

No, no! Hot dogs are made with pigs and cows!
(Vendor with hands out in total exasperation, kids a bit taken back.)

Naw! So it’s a hot pig!
(Pig, headband on, leggings, earphones, is jogging on hind legs, blowing air, super hot)

Or a cow dog!
(Cow on back of ute, looking forward around the cabin, tongue flapping in the wind, tied with led to ute.)

They should have chilli chickens!
(Chicken with feed bowl full of red chillies, startled as it breathes fire)

Or dragon dogs.
(Dragon, huge, chained to small kennel.)

What about chilli monsters? Haha! I’ll have a chilli monster!
(Blue monster, cheeks red, standing in front of bowl filled with red chillies, startled expression, breathing fire)

Nooo! A chilli dog is a hotdog covered with spicy sauce!
(Vendor tearing at hair, kids a bit scared)

KId One: Eww! Yuck!
(Hot, panting dog in front of sun, now covered in sauce and cheese)
Kid Two: I’m not eating that!

Here! On me!
(Hand thrusting out from van, holding a chilli dog for boys, who are jumping back a little)

I’d rather have a hamburger…
(Boys, deadpan, one looking at viewer, other talking at vendor.)

(Words take up page, boys tumbling through air)

Kid One (still on ground, propping himself up): So rude.
Kid Two (Dusting himself off): I don’t want to eat his sweaty dogs!

Kid One: Hey, what’s chewie gum?
Kid Two: I think it’s a person with no teeth…
(Kids casually talking as they walk away from viewer, billboard for chewie gum in background)

The End

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