Day 41: Giant at my Gate

Giant at My Gate
Matt Zurbo

(Lilah lying belly down on rock in long, yellow grass, small daisy in her fingers, no words)

Sometimes I like to imagine the strangest things.
(Lilah opening her door, through window and door we see huge giant, legs, mostly)

I’d tell my giant stories on the way to school.
(Lilah sitting on giant’s shoulder, talking.)

No sooner does one idea finish…
(Lilah at school, bored. Huge eyeball outside window.)

I’d get my eyeball to whisper to me about the stars.
(Lilah in front of eyeball pupil, which is above her, holding up some binoculars for it.)

It’s the same on the ferry.
(Lilah looking over edge of ferry at huge blue whale that is rolling on it’s side in the water too look at her.)

The whale and I would sing each other songs.
(Lilah, underwater, hair everywhere, singing to mighty whale in front of her.)

But they say a whale’s voice is so loud, it can collapse a house.
(Lilah flying backwards through the air, hair everywhere)

If wrens were big, would they get revenge on cats?
(Huge blue-breasted wren, flying over long grass, tiny cat in its beak.)

It’s fun to picture stuff…
(Lilah, sitting on rock, arms back, lazy, watching shark fins in the long grass.)

Things not of the everyday…
(Lilah standing on street, looking at a submarine periscope poking out from a drain.)

But imagine them anyway…
(Lilah, eyes down, focused on making her daisy chain, while fairies braid her hair.)

My teacher says I don’t pay attention enough.
(Legs and pointing finger of an adult in a suit, Lilah sitting outside office with butterflies all about)

My parents, too.
(Lilah at dinner table, looking at soup cup with tentacles coming out of it.)

I don’t know…
(Close up of Lilah’s face, in the long grass, looking at a robin with a stunt helmet on.)

What’s that? You need a human for a heart?
(Robot, slightly wonky, standing over Lilah who is still on rock, while fins circle in the grass, robot has broad rimmed frame in its chest)

Maybe we should sail away…
(Robot on its back floating down the river, Lilah in its chest box, playing with butterfly)

Look, there we are…
(View from above at to the side of Lilah lying in the grass, looking into the sky)

Now, where’s that whale’s song…?
(View from slightly behind of Robot, hugging giant eye, that is floating in sky, Lilah sitting on its top, giant wren by their side, ocean in the distance.)

(Final image of Lilah lying in the long grass, smiling)

The End

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