Day 44: Bed!

Matt Zurbo


(This is simple book that will need a very good, life-like style of painting/drawing. Simple, detailed images with white backgrounds. Crisp. All about the art.)

Bed? But I’m wide-awake!
(Looking down on baby sitting with glasses on. Glasses have image of wide awake eyes, yet we can see, because of the angle, it is really sleeping)

Want to race?
(Baby in cardboard box, crayon wheels drawn badly on side, holding hands/arms as if holding a steering wheel.)

I’m dying!
(Baby sitting, red-faced, screaming/crying, empty bottle on side in front of it, spillage on ground.)

It’s protein! What’s the problem?
(Chubby baby sitting, big grasshopper in its fist, about to be stuffed in mouth)

What a voice!
(Baby, in Elvis jumpsuit, trying to eat the wrong end of a microphone)

Mum, please! We’re talking…
(Baby face scrunched as dog licks its cheek, tongue taking up entire side of face)

Relax, I’ll handle this!
(Baby, back slightly to reader, in full gladiator gear, standing legs braced, spear butt in ground, held pointing high, as mad dog barks and snarls.)

Back off, I’m learning.
(Baby, wearing red helmet with star on it, lying on side, on base of scooter, propping top half up with/clinging to neck of scooter.)

Thank you, Mother and Father, that meal was rather exquisite!
(Chubby baby in highchair, food EVERYWHERE, all over face, grinning)

Let’s work!
(Baby, top half poking out of gumboot)

Let’s play.
(Baby, in sumo wrestling pose)

Noise? I can’t hear anything.
(Baby crying hard, face red, into microphone, huge speakers behind it)

What imagination?
(Entire page filled with image of dragon’s closed mouth/jaw/chin/nose, bottom teeth protruding a bit. Baby kicking back, using bottom teeth as a ledge to sit on.)

Keep reading to me, please. I said I’m awake!
(Similar image to start of book, but baby is flat on ground asleep, open-eyes glasses half off.)


The End.

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