Day 51: Doing Things in Halves


Doing Things in Halves
Matt Zurbo


Hey, I’ve got half an idea!
How about a sausage chicken?
(Two kids, one pointing finger in air with idea.)

Like a griffin… but more fun!
(Back half sausage dog, front half chicken, in front of serious griffin.)

Oh, like a gorilla horse?
That’s a gorse. Or a horilla!
(Bottom half gorilla, top half horse)

A hippo buffalo! A hippoffalo!
(Both front halves. No rears. Faces baffled.)

A Mr Zoo!
(Bottom half a man in suit, top half six different animal top halves.)
A Mazoo?

A spidfly!
(Spider body, beautiful butterfly wings.)

A dolphcray!
(dolphin top half with crayfish bottom.)

Hang on, a sun moon? A moun!
No, wait, that’s an eclipse!
(Sun and moon halves, faces in each staring at each other, looking cross-eyed.)

A human walrus?
Haha, that’s a merma- oh!
(Woman’s bottom half, top half walrus, holding trident, wearing crown)

Happy angry?
(Body of person jumping, clicking feet, hands in air. Face scrunched and angry.)

A radiook! That’s a radio that’s a book.
(Radio with small music stand with music sheet built into top of it. Kid intently reading music, while rest of him is jigging.)
And a serious dance!

I want to go to a schuck!
(Truck cabin pulling an old wooden school.)

How about a dinozer?
(Bulldozer with dinosaur bottom half instead of treads. And a triceratops with bottom half of bulldozer treads.)
SO cool!

A helistorm…?
(Helicopter with open underside releasing rain and lightening.

Dare to dream! A flowcket!
(Bottom half rocket, top half opening into intricate flower)

A surgician!
(Bottom half surfer on a surfboard. Top half a magician, startled, pulling a startled rabbit out of a hat.)

A rivermouth?
What’s halves about a river mou- ahhh.
(River, fish jumping, frog on rock, kid in rubber tire, etc, flowing into a wide mouth.)

An eaglodile!
(Eagle top half, crocodile bottom.)

Of course!
I know!
(two kids from start, wide-eyed, hands out, smiling at each other.)

A catdog!
(Cat, top half hanging onto branch with claws. Nervously looking over shoulder while bottom half is bending in air to pee on tree trunk)

A dogcat!
No, no…
(Two bottom ends one of a cat, the other of a dog. The dog end is farting.)

Yeah, nah, that’s great!
(Two kids sitting, wiping away tears of laughter.)


The End.

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