Day 54: Round

Matt Zurbo

These are the circular things that impress Lulu.

A ring of fire, a halo.
(Bad girl with fiery halo, opposite good girl with light halo)

The wheel.
(Lulu on a big-wheeled mono-bike, biting her tongue for balance)

Gears and cogs.
(Clock face and gar and cogs of all shapes and sizes filling the page.)


Gliding birds.
(A number of Eagles as seen from ground, flying in a circle around Lulu with her hands in the air.)

Spinning tops.
(Lulu, eyes shut, hair everywhere, spinning, around her, from head to feet, are dozens of spinning tops of all shapes and sizes)


(Huge eye filling page, tiny girl in front of, looking into it.)

Tennis balls.
(Happy, floppy dog, leaping thorough air, tongue hanging out, for tennis ball)

Cannon balls, shields, sports balls!
(Balls and cannonballs falling towards Lulu who is holding a Viking shield up, smiling.)

A trumpet spout, guitar hole, banjo, drums, tuba, a mouth…
(circular image made of said band members, moth represented by singer/Lulu)

Dance circles.

(Circle of circular fruit cut in half so we can see their insides. Passion fruit, oranges, kiwi fruit, grapes, apples, watermelon, rock melon, etc…

(Girl, and boy, holding each other’s ankles, forming a wheel as they roll down a hill. Lulu seen through middle, doing cartwheel.)

The moon…
(Lulu in bottom of page, back to us, looking up at full moon surrounded by circle of flying owls.)

The Earth!
(Lulu is space suit, behind her, the Earth, with slither of moon behind it.)

(Big, fiery sun)

(Small pile of seeds in Lulu’s hand, one of them producing a sprout.)

The circle of life.
(Double page spread of girl, baby, Mum and Grandmother in middle of circles of animals from egg/baby to old age.)

Finishing a book and reading it again…
(Girl, sitting on ground, intently reading this book.)

The End




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