Day 57: What Happens in the Cane Field

What Happens in the Cane Field
Matt Zurbo


“I’m bored!” Billy shouted.
(Billy, shouting in front of a cane field)

“Hi, Billy,” said Zac.
“G’day Zac. Where are you going?” asked Billy.

“I’m going into the cane field,” said Zac
“I’ll come!” insisted Billy.
“Sorry, you’re too young!” Zac informed him.
(Zac stepping into the cane field, Billy looking a bit shocked.)

(Billy looking pissed off.)

“Hi Billy!” said Pete.
“G’day Pete!” said Billy.
“Sorry, can’t talk. I’m off to the cane field!” said Pete.
(Pete pointing over his shoulder to the cane with his thumb.)

(Billy seething.)

“Hi, Billy…” said Farmer Shmo.
“Hey! Wait! Hang on! Woh!” Billy protested.
(Farmer Shmo marching happily past Billy, who is furious, shouting!)

“What’s going on in there, anyways…?” Billy asked.
(Billy making to look into the corn, but a farmer’s hand in halt stance is popping out.)
“Sorry, what happens in the cane field stays in the cane field!” 

“Hi Billy…!”

“Hello Billy…”

“What happens in the cane field stays in the cane field…”
(Series of people, one with their dog, kid on a scooter, big lady in a tractor, all heading past him into the sugar cane. Billy getting angrier and angrier!)

(Billy face red, let out a yell s toddler passes him into the cane field!)

“Maybe if I just….”
(Billy cupping hand to ear to listen to cane field.)

(Trumpet-like horn blatting, bowling Billy back through the air)
“Sorry, what happens in the cane field, stays in the cane field!”

“Sorry, kid. What happens in the cane field st-”
“Yeah, yeah…”
(Whole heap of people walking past Billy, merrily, into the corn field. Billy is sitting, palm on chin, dejected.)

“Look! I live here and it’s my birthday and I demand to know what happens in the cane field!”
(Billy leaning forward with anger, eyes goggling, pointing to the ground as if making a stand)

“You live here? It’s your birthday…?”
(Submarine periscope from above and weird binoculars from the front are looking out at Billy, who is totally red, fingers clenched, palms facing up with exasperation!)

“Oh…” aid Billy.
(Billy, unsure)

“Come on, then…”
(Billy nervously walking into the cane field.)

“Now what…?”
(Billy surrounded by cane, the odd eye here and there looking at him through the stems.)

“Tickle time!”
(Billy upside down with laughter and tears as all sorts of hands from people who have entered are tickling him.
“Gasp…! No…!Haha…! Oh…! Please stop…! Haha!”

“I think I peed myself.”
(Billy sitting, legs out, exhausted, little fizzles and pops above his head. Pants soiled.)

“Woh!” gasped Little Louie. “What happened to y-”
“What happens in the came field, stays in the cane field!!”
(Billy, out from cane field, walking surly, wet pants, straw in messed hair, past two kids on one side, and a farmer on the other.)


The End.

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