Day 60: Run, Run, Run!

Run, Run, Run!
Matt Zurbo


Run, run, run,
as fast as you can.

Run like leaves
blown from a fan!

Run, zip, zoom,
all around the room!

Bounce off walls,
jump like a loon.

Run, push, strain,
as if late for a train.

Now is not the time

to be using your brain.

Run, fast and free,
as happy as a kid can be!

Tall, short, fast, slow,
it doesn’t matter, go, go, GO!

Up, down, there, here,
run around without fear.

Away from monsters,
and all their leers.

Free of hassles,
safe from tears.

Run in a submarine,
end-to-end, repeat, repeat!

Then run up and down,
dodging legs on a street.


Run, dash, leap,
it doesn’t cost a cent.

See the world,

step by step.

In a crowd,
or on your own.

Away from those
glued to their phone.

Find a safe clearing,
close your eyes.

Feel the wind,

running blind.

Have no strings,
have a crack!

Run overt here,
then double back.

RUN! I say RUN!
Faster than the sun!

Give your all
until you’re done.


The End

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