Day 65: Wow, a Stick!

Wow, a Stick!
Matt Zurbo


(Two kids, bored. One with hat, the other with glasses – defining features that stay on them no matter, what.)

Kid 1: Wow!
Kid 2: So what? It’s a stick.
(Kid 1, looking at stick on ground, amazed)

Kid 1: Pzzp! Pzzp! Pzzp! Space fighter!
(Kid 1 in ridiculous spaceman outfit, using stick as a weapon. Kid 2, now a space monster, ducking)

Kid 1: Ninja!
Kid 2: Wha…?
(Kid 1, dressed as Ninja, chopping ground with stick. Kid 2 startled, (dressed as ninja, too.)

Kid 1: Fetch, Rex!
Kid 2: Rrrarf!
(Kid 1 throwing stick, Kid 2 now a mini T-Rex, jumping, tongue out, to fetch it as if a dog.)

Kid 1: Abracadabra!
(Kid 1, dressed like a magician, stick a big wand, turning Kid 2 into a giant, unimpressed frog.)

Kid 1: Bah, Bah, BUP, BUP, BUP, Bah, Bah…!
(Kid one stick out, marching, like leading a marching band. Kid 2 following, straining with weight of big drum he is banging.)

Kid 1: Hey! Limbo!
Kid 2: Groan. So embarrassment!
(Kid 2 holding tick for Kid 1 to limbo under. They are both dressed in beach gear.

Kid 1: Lightening rod!
Kid 2: Woh!
(Kid 1 dressed like Viking, holding rod to stormy sky. Kid 2 being zapped by lightening.)

Kid 1: Up periscope!
Kid 2: Glub!
(Kid 1 dressed as a sailor using stick to look at fish swimming above them. Kid two in old school diver’s kit, with big round air helmet, that has water and small fish in it.)

Kid1: Cricket bat! Gold club! Microphone stand, trumpet, king’s staff, javelin!
Kid 2: Gah!
(Kid one being as many of these things at once as artist can draw. Kid two screaming, exasperated.)

Kid 2: Enough!
Kid 1: Gasp!
(Kid 2 Snapping stick in half)
(Kid 1, fingers to mouth, horrified.)

Kid 2: Huh…?
(Kid 1 looking at sticks on ground, super happy, Kid 2 confused.)

Kid 1: Drums!


Ski poles!

Haha! Chopsticks!

Goals!Vampire hunters!


Kid 1: Hey!
(Kid 2 throwing both sticks into an empty box next to rubbish)

Kid1: A… BOX!?
Kid 2: Oh, ho…
(Kid 1 falling over backward with excitement, Kid 2, exhausted, face palming.)

(Very small image of Kid 1 in the box, playing, Kid 2 outside it, bent knees, throwing his hands back. Above them, text, one idea per line, fading to white.)
A horse and cart!
A car!
A billycart!
A rocket ship!
A time machine!
A duplicator!
A monster maker!
A stage!
A pirate boat!
A robot!
A turtle shell!
A shrinking machine!

A flying jukebox!
A submarine!
A space station!
A giant hat…!

Dad’s voice: How was your day?
Kid 1: Not boring!
Kid 2: Groan…!
(Kid 1, baggy eyes looking up. Scruffy clothes, holding taped together stick, standing in box, wearing life aver cap. Looks exhausted, but smiling. Kid 2, on lying back, tongue out.)

The End



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