Day 67: The World as Rex Sees It

The World as Rex Sees It
Matt Zurbo


(Cover of kid, Rex, smiling. We can see lots of gears in his head.)

This is the world as Rex sees it.
(Rex, standing on scooter, wearing silly red helmet, small cape, looking at viewer.)

These are the things that should fly…
A bed. (Rex in flying bed.)
A bath (Rex in flying bath, wet, water splashing.)
Billycarts. (Rex in flying billycart.)
Drain lids. (Rex standing on a flying circular drain lid.)

These, are the challenges for Rex to overcome…
The neighbour’s dog (Dog barking so much, Rex is tilting, fingers in ears)
Homework (Pages piled to the sky)
Bullies (Rex in tree branch, dropping water balloon above very mean big-looking boy’s head.)
Global warming. (The planet with nothing but ocean)
Bedtime. (Rex hiding under the bed. Mother’s legs in view)
Monsters under the bed! (Rex bolting out from under the bed.)

This is the stuff that should be fun…
Science 1. (Outer space, other planets, moons)
Science 2. (aliens)
Science 3. (Dinosaur fossils)
Science 4. (The evolution of humanity, each stage wearing the hat Rex wears at end.Man to Rex is final stage)
Science 5. (Rex in lab coat, holding almost empty beaker, face covered in effect of an explosion.)

These should be Rex’s super powers…
Throwing farts!
Making tree bombs! (Throws seed, fully grown tree appears)
Making Rex duplicates to do Rex’s homework (Badly made robot does math; 2+2=5)
To play instruments without practicing. (Rex in superhero costume, playing 6 instruments at once, while angry looking alien dances)
To make Nan and Granddad always feel good. (Pulling flowers out of a hat for Nan while farting for Granddad, both grandparents laughing/smiling)

These things Rex thinks should happen to him every day…
Free gelato! (Mr Whipy van. Triple scoop.)
Bullies wedgie themselves.
Be crowned king of his neighbourhood. (Rex on wooden crate throne, with car parts, nuts and bolts crown, broom for a shaft, oily mechanic and plumber and greengrocer below him. His king’s cape is dirty and full of holes.)
Get to stay up all night. (in bedroom, in PJs, playing board with monsters from under his bed.)

These are the ways Rex thinks he should save the planet…
Ride a scooter. (Other kids scooters are motor powered, or they are in cars behind scooters, watching.)
Use his tree bomb powers. (Making a tree grow on the head of a litterbug.)
Recycle bullies. (Several bullies legs in back of garbage truck)

These are the things Rex thinks should be mentioned once a day for no reason at all…
Giant crabs.
Unicorns versus gorillas.

These are the things Rex thinks are important…
Dancing to music.
Saving the planet with music. (earlier image of music and aliens)
Dancing without music.
Finding a way to bring dinosaurs back.
Nudie runs!

These are the problems with the world as Rex sees it…
Too many people.
Too much pollution.
Too much maths homework.
Not enough dinosaurs.
Not enough dinosaurs eating too many people.
Girls. (Two girls water bombing Rex from same branch he was water bombing bullies.)

This is what Rex likes to study…
History! (Convict ships)
Other countries!
The Dreamtime!
How to make the perfect water balloon… (Rex, biting tongue with concentration, beakers, taps and Bunsen burners and balloons and blueprints. He is wearing scientist’s coat and goggles.)

This is what Rex thinks the world should look like…
(A dinosaur with a Viking on its back, and Rex sitting on its head, dressed like an astronaut. The dinosaur eating the plastic ice-cream cone on top of the Mr Whippy van.)

This is what the world would actually look like if Rex had his way…
(Chaos!! Trees growing through wrecked buildings, people running from fires/cavemen. Dinosaurs eating people, Vikings attacking, aliens attacking)

(Wordless page of Rex running, being chased by all the characters from the story so far, including girls with water balloons.)

(Same image as from start. Rex, no background, but now sitting on scooter, thinking.)

This is the world Rex lives in.
(Rex sitting on ground, legs out, propped up by his hands on ground behind his back, In front of him is a small hole in the dirt, a shovel, and a small plant in a pot.)

Even if it needs saving.
(Image of the Earth, floating in space)

Or, at least, helping a little bit…
(Image of earth, really small. Alien ships in all four corners of frame.).


The End.

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