Day 73: Nanny Knows

Nanny Knows
Matt Zurbo


Nina went to an orphanage for kids who’s parent don’t really care.
It’s not that they were dead, they were just, sorta… never there.
(Nanny a robot.)

Don’t get me wrong, oh no, she went home every night,
but when she could, sneak out, so as not to cause a fight.
(Nina sneaking out, arguing Mum and Dad don’t notice.)

The nanny at the orphanage paid attention, cared just enough.
“How. Was. Your. Day, Dear?” she would say, and other friendly stuff.

Hugs were free and many, playtime Nanny would join in.
The video game controls, well, she threw them in the bin.

“I love you Nan,” Nina a said with affection, to her second mum,
“I. Love. You. Back,” Nanny replied, “Now. Lets. Have. Some. Fun.”

Nina soon discovered, the orphanage was not alone,
to offer its vital services, to those not fully grown.

Lunchtime, Nanny worked at playgroups, for kids who hated mobile phones.
The sort who even in a busy crowd, found themselves all alone.

Then, she ran a children’s club, for those who would rather not watch tv.
There numbers were not many. There must have been only two or three.

When Nanny organised a birthday party, Mum and Dad found out!
They marched with fury to the orphanage, to see what it was all about!
(Parents finding party flier.)

“I want none of this,” Nina quivered, then tuned and ran and hid,
while Mum and Dad and Nanny argued, like adults often did.

When word got out that Nina was going to a school for orphans.
Mum and Dad quickly promised to be home for her more often.

“A robot has no heart in it,” Nina’s mother said.
“We are your flesh and blood, play with us instead.”

The Mums and Dads in Nina’s town, were now much more attentive,
but Nina still didn’t know who paid for Nanny, robots were expensive.

She followed Nan from the orphanage, to her robot home,
and saw an awkward inventor, working all alone.

“None of us have time,” he mumbled to his robot servant.
“Yet anyone can make it, if they realise what’s important.”

Hearing that, Nina now knew the scientist had dobbed himself in,
let the parents know, exactly where their kids had been.

He tinkered and tailored, working late into the night,
without a life, or a wife, for kids who’s parents fight.

Mum and Dad were always meant to come and save the day,
while to the next town the orphanage, quietly snuck away.

“Just a guess,” Nina said, “But I bet the scientist grew up all alone.
That helping lonely kids, is as close as he’s been to a warm home.”

Nina her Mum and Dad worked together reprogramming Nanny,
to return to the scientist with a gift, to make his life less lonely.
(Scientist baffled as Nanny stands in front of him, holding a puppy dog, Nina, Mum and Dad out of window, hiding, holding a remote control.)

“How sad,” Dad lamented, “It took a robot to help us find out.”
“Flesh and blood and making time, are what life is all about.”
(Nina and parents playing. Nanny on hill in background, watching over them.)


The End



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