Day 83: The Honest Frog

The Honest Frog
Matt Zurbo


The pond was a great place for liars.
(Bush pond.)

The lyrebird was king of lies. It would mimic other bird’s calls.
(Three lyrebirds, each with a talk bubble with an image of the bird it is mimicking, lots of sound effects; “Tweet!” “Squawk!” etc…)

‘Interesting,’ thought the honest frog.
(Small, plain green frog on a lily pad.)

The blue chested wrens would sing to each other; “I’m the meanest!” “I’m the bravest!” “Me! Me!” and stick their chests out.
‘I don’t like fighting,’ thought the honest frog.
(Blue wrens, small, chests out, carrying on above frog, making HUGE music notes. Frog just sitting there.)

“Ssh, ssh, I won’t bite,” said the snakes. “Me neither,” said the spiders. “Don’t look, I’m a stick.” “I’m not here.”
(Frog sitting in the middle of pond on a lily pad, camouflaged spiders and snaked everywhere, shifty eyes.)

I don’t believe you,’ thought the honest frog.
(Frog sitting on lily pad, alone.)

“There are lots of us!” “Lots of us!” “Listen to how loud we are! We are a mob!” “Don’t mess with us!” laughed kookaburras.
(Three kookaburras laughing, page filled with their call: “HAHAHA!” “KOO-KOO-KOO KA-KA-KA…!”
‘I can only count two or three,’ thought the honest frog.

The WORST were the other frogs!
(Page full of grinning frog faces staring, wide-eyed at reader.)

Especially when there was a girl frog around.
(Girl frog.)

“I’m big!” “No, I’M big!” “I’m the biggest!” they croaked.
(Frogs all jumping up and down, or standing, sticking their chests out, pointing to themselves with their thumbs, all in front of lady frog. Big “Gribbit!”, Croak!” and “Brraaawp!” sound effects.)

“I guess I’m small,” croaked the honest frog.
(On his own. Just a small, “Gribbit.”)

“I’m the loudest!” “No! I’m the loudest!” “No me! I am!” the other frogs croaked.
(Frogs all leaning from edge of page, mouths stupidly wide, eyes shut, shouting! Very loud sound effects! Lady frog in middle of page.)

“I’m kind of quiet,” croaked the honest frog.
(On his own. Just a small, “Gribbit. Gribbit.”)

“I’m more colourful!”, “No I am!” “Look at my spots!”
(All other frogs showing off their colours, lots of sound effects.)

“I’m green,” croaked the honest frog.
(On own, just a small “Gribbit.”)

“I’m the-” “I’m the-” “I’m the-” “I’m the-” “I’m the-”
(All the other frogs freezing, mid leap, mid brag, mid song, etc… wide-eyed.)

(Kid, ankle deep in pond, with frog net.)

(Frogs all low, hiding, staring with wide eyes. Not making a sound.)

“He’s gone,” croaked the honest frog.
(On own. “Gribbit.”)

“Look at me, I’m the toughest!” “I’m tougher than him!” “No-one will mess with me!” the other frogs croaked.
(Page full of other frogs showing muscles, pushing each other out of the way, climbing over each other, arm wrestling. Lots of sound effects. “GRIBBIT!” “CROAK!” etc…)

“I’m not that tough,” croaked the honest frog.
(Honest frog, deadpan, holding up wimpy muscle flex. “Croak.”)

(Kid poking his head into frame. All frogs scared, still, silent, looking through corners of their eyes. Honest frog still sitting on lily pad in middle of pond.)

“Hm. Not big enough,” the kid said.
(Kid’s head looking down at honest frog, who staring straight ahead, not flinching.)

“He’s gone,” the honest frog croaked.
(On own. “Gribbit.”)

“Look at me! Wow, I can jump the highest! No I can!” “Watch me jump! “Boing!” “Yee-har!”
(Frogs deliriously happy, jumping everywhere, except honest frog who is just sitting on lily pad.)

(Kid’s frog net swooping up all the jumping frogs. Honest frog not flinching underneath it.)

(Honest frog looking straight ahead, with smirk on its face.)

(Lady frog looking straight ahead, with slight smile, and small, rising love heart.)


The End.

(Silhouette of honest frog and lady frog sitting side-by-side on lily pad.)





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