Day 85: tHe GloriOus fAilure

tHe GloriOus fAilure
Matt Zurbo


Loopie one day decided,
good enough was pretty bad.
Only doing something great,
would make this small girl glad.

First up, she tried billycarts.
That is, making her own.
She saved for timber, wheels,
worked her skin to bone.

Angles were tricky to learn,
so were hammers and nails,
when the billycart was done,
it had already 2/3rds failed.

“Gather around!” Loopie called.
“Bring all of your clan!
I’m going to race the devil,
around the dunny can!”

When her wheel popped off,
Loopie had to admit defeat.
“Now I’ll fly to the moon!!”
she spruiked her next big feat.

Loopie studied this and that,
then studied some more.
But on the launch crashed
into her bedroom door!

Bullies laughed, adults fret,
but Loopie would not be beat.
“My next trick,” she announced,
“will bring you to your feet!”

“Bring it on!” people laughed.
“What a glorious wreck!”
Everything Loopie tried,
left her face-down on the deck!
(Failed birdman flight attempt.)

Roller derby was lots of fun,
but turned her black and blue.
Joining the circus was wild,
but took her out from school.

She pulled the wrong bird from her hat,
so had to fetch it back.
she quickly earned a reputation,
for being a no good hack.

Next Loopie tried music,
but blew the speakers up!
First contact with aliens
brought nothing but bad luck!
(Loopi on podium. Everybody running as aliens attack.)

She baked a cake, it deflated!
Her water balloon dripped out.
The veggie garden she planted,
grew naught but Brussels sprouts.

Flying, diving, raising ghosts,
Loopie attempted it all!
In spelling bees, oh, she studied,
but her every score was small.

“Admit it,” doubters gloated,
“You’re no good at anything.”
“Are you mad?” she replied.
“I’m the best at trying things!”

It’s too easy to knock someone,
out there, having a go.
It’s because she tries and fails…
(Marathon. Loopi running into a pole.)

and tries and fails,
(Paintbrush in hand, head poking out from fallen canvas.)

and tries,
(Science project has obviously blown-up in her face.)

we love Loopie so.
(Loopi, school clothes on, mended skateboard under arm, telescope also under arm, books, tennis racket, skis, yoyo, this and that, pulling balloon with key attached, rollerskates over shoulder, one shoe on, the other falling off, Vegemite toast in her hand, running for school bus.)



The End

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