Day 109: Tommy Digs a Hole

Tommy Digs a Hole
Matt Zurbo


Tommy dug a hole,
as if he was a mole.
No-one knows why
Tommy dug that hole.

Tommy dug a hole,
as if he was a mole,
tossing worms into the air,
toiling soil without care.

Tommy dug a hole,
tossing worms in the air,
that the spiders ate,
which wasn’t very fair.

Tommy dug a hole,
just like a mole,
tossed the worms,
that spiders ate,
as frogs leap off the gate,
the spiders tasted great!

Before snakes took their toll.

Tommy dug a hole,
deeper and deeper he went,
tossing worms,
chewed by spiders,
which were gulped by frogs,
who were swallowed by snakes,
that were eaten by birds,

down their necks all bent!

Tommy dug a hole,
tossed some worms,
eaten by spiders,
gulped by frogs,
swallowed by snakes,
munched by birds,
attacked by cats,
it really is absurd!

Dig, Tommy, Dig!

Dig that hole like a mole,
toss those worms,
duck those spiders,
squish those frogs,
dodge those snakes,
balk those birds,
scratch those cats,
and watch for that dog,
jumping over that log,
to chase those cats,
at least that’s what I heard!

Then, it started to rain!

“Give it up!” we called in vain.
But, no, Tommy just shrugged,
Tommy just dug!
Worms for spiders, for frogs,
for snakes, for cats, for a dog,
jumping over a log,
as it all turned into a bog.

Tommy dug the slop,
the worms cried “Please stop!”
The spiders sought safety on rocks,
frogs began to reverse hop,
snakes retreated under a shop,
the birds began to drop,
cats started to flop,
the dog’s temper went pop!

Then a crocodile went SHLOP!
(Crocodile landing amongst them all.)

Soon, a kangaroo came,
the wedge tail eagle was a pain!
Emus thought it all lame,
the bunyips just wanted fame,
the water buffalo forgot everybody’s name,
the rain refused to wain,
“Stop digging!” we cried. “This is insane!”

But Tommy kept digging his hole,
as if he were and underwater mole.
(Digging underwater.)
The worm learnt how to swim,
the spiders did their own thing.
The snakes tried to dunk,
the kookaburra sunk,
the cat fur stunk,
the dog acted like a punk,
a dingo then bit a monk!

The crocodile had a feast,
the water buffalo was at peace,
the echidnas stretched and reached,
(Swimming, poking their snouts above water.)
no whale was beached,
(All of them sweeping past a big whale.)
as they all got washed out to sea.

Eventually, all that remained,
was a killer whale so full it felt pain!

An echidna or three stuck up in trees,
a wet dingo with half-drowned flees,

Bunyips eating honey bees,
and Tommy, if you please,
in a hole to his knees,

smiling with absolute ease,

because he found his house keys!
(Tommy, shovel behind him, lying in small hole like a boss, as if it were a hammock. He is muddy, arms on its rim, feet out, smiling, dirty house keys dangling from his finger.)

The End


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