Day 113: Slowing Time

Slowing Time
Matt Zurbo


What if time was just a series of moments?

You walking your dog.

You being teased.

You having the best time!
(Kid and friends with water balloons and spraying hose.)

You, using a still river to stare at the stars.
(Looking down at glassy reflection of self and Milky Way behind)

What if time was like a pulse? What if every second happened at once?

Remember that time you were hurt, or ill? How it seemed to last forever?

Or that lazy day that, in the best way, would not end?

What if it didn’t?

What if, somewhere in time, you’re still there? And always will be?

If that was the case, I’d want to make as many good moments as possible.

What if you could chose which moment to live in? Which one would you pick?

If time does go at one second after another, how do we slow it down?
A second goes so fast!

FUN goes so fast.

Usually I remember a great time after I’ve had it: That was a great weekend!
That was a great game!
She was so funny!

Maybe I should stop in a middle of a great time, and look around, as if taking a photo.

“I am here.”

“This is the best.”

When things are bad I wish time will go faster. Which just makes it go slower. What if I reversed that?

What if I found good things to think about in bad times?

What if in great times, I looked forward to the future, where things would be even better?
Then now might seem to go longer.

Nobody can control time.
But what if I could bend and nudge it?

If every moment lasted forever I could plan for the sort of good times that last.

Not live in the past.

And stop, far more often, to look around, and be glad!



The End





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