Day 117: Me Am Bulldog

Me Am Bulldog
Matt Zurbo


Me am bulldog,
bite your bum.
You go yelp!
Me have fun!

Me am bulldog,
leave big poo.
Got no class.
What can do?

Me am bulldog,
woof, growl, bark!
Pee on tree,
snarl, bark, bark.

Me and bulldog,
no like cat!
Cat meow, meow,
me bark back!

Bark, meow, bark!
Woof, snarl barf!
You try sleep?
Cat laugh, laugh!

Bulldog strut!
Me own block.
Hang out washing,
me eat socks!

New pup come,
attention pup get.
Me get grumpy.
New pup vet!

Sneak in thief.
Thief try run.
Bulldog bite,
thief on bum!

Kids pull, tug,
shout, poke, play.
Bulldog fart.
Kids go away.

Cat come back,
meow all night.
Give cat fright!

No-one happy.
Wake whole place!

Quick chomp gulp,
cat now gone.
Hero of block.
too easy done!
(Bulldog, chest out, cat tail coming from mouth, some neighbours look disgusted.)

Me am bulldog,
chase post man.
Neighbours say want,
bulldog ban?!
(Bulldog chasing postie, but neighbours all chasing bulldog.)

We move now,
to new house.
Me make promise,
quiet as mouse!
(Bulldog chest out, on top of removalist van, barking as it goes.)

The End

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