Day 136: Sophie the Truckie King

Sophie the Truckie King
Matt Zurbo


Sophie was given a toy truck,
such a simple thing.
(Sophie unwrapping toy truck.)

But in her mind that made her
a gruff, tough, truckie King!
(Tiny Sophie, cap on, behind huge wheel of huge truck.)

Broom, broom, look out!
Truckie King passing through!

Rumble, rumble, grind of gears!
So many things to do.

Hiss, his of hydraulic breaks!
Hang out at the truckie stop.

Listen to tall stories
of desert roads and wheels that pop!

Toot! Toot! Go on a barge,
to a distant island!

Rumble around the jungle,
drive up a high mountain.

Oh no! Oh dear! What can we do?
Floods have cut a town off!

That’s a lot of water,
full of a lot of crocs!

Rumble, k-chunk, gurgle, rattle,
make sure your courage is strong…
(Sophie revving truck, while container is loaded with crates marked ‘Supplies’.)

Foot to the floor, then some more!
Move that truck along!

Splash, whoosh, whoosh, hiss,
get those wipers on!

Distract yourself from your fear,
by singing silly truckie songs!

Don’t let up! No, no! Don’t hesitate!
Or you too will be sunk!
(Passing other trucks stalled in water, the drivers on their roofs, cheering her on.)

Pray that your churning motor,
doesn’t stop with a gurgled CLUNK!

Push, push, go, go, go!
Momentum is everything!

If you should fail, some will starve,
in this cruellest of springs!

Bounce! Boom! Crunch! Bonk!
Mud, mud, mud everywhere!

Potholes under the water,
buck you through the air!

Whir, whir, spin those wheels,
as you begin to slow!

So close now, so close!
All you need is a tow!

Heave, heave, the tractor coughs.
It sputters while others help.

There’s no way a rescue
can be done by just yourself.

Hooray! Hooray! Here’s to Sophie!
Food, fresh water for everyone!

A million pats on the back,
hard times turn to fun!

Sit back, tell truckie tales,
as the sun slowly sets!
(Sophie, blanket around her, by campfire, telling truckie tales as everybody listens and laughs.)

Wait for the water to subside,
and know you did its best!

“What’s that, Mum?” Sophie cried.
“Is it time to go in?”
(Sophie playing with toy truck in puddle, looking up at Mum.)

Yawn and sleep, but come dawn,
more adventures will begin!
(Sophie sleeping happily with toy truck.)

The End.  

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