Day 138: A Scary Lesson

A Scary Lesson
Matt Zurbo


Grace was bad at learning, 
no matter how hard she tried!

Books she was given,
just brought tears to her eyes!
(Grace dropping books into bins.)

“Enough!” her parents cried,
kicking her out.
(Door, boot, Grace flying through the air.)

Where a spook house,
was lurking about.
(House, on legs, bending to look at Grace from behind, who is sitting sprawled on footpath. House has letterbox with a number 1 on it.)

Inside Grace was greeted,
by a butler with two heads.
(Butler tall, with cobwebs still on him. Grace startled.)

Then, a three-headed dog,
chased her under the bed. 

Where two Siamese twins
made her too scared to sneeze,
(Grace, covering her mouth, eyes wide, under bed. The two siamese twins, four heads, are standing on top of the bed with knives and forks and a net.)

and five clawing hands,
scratched at her knees.
(Grace crawling out of the bed as hands from under it claw at her.)

A beast who had died, returned to life,
six times, once for each death.
(Beast chasing Grace down corridor, with ax in its head. Five more of same beast following, each with a noose, water, arrow, etc… representing how they died.)

She then had to endure,
seven ghostly breaths!
(Grace straining to lift ball and chain as seven little gremlins breath all over her.)

Eight hairy spiders, each with eight legs,
and hatching nests,
crawled all over Grace,
giving her no rest.

She RAN through the creepy corridor,
with nine creepy doors,
housing 9 Voodoo Voiks,
Trying to make her fall.

Finally, ten creepy crawlies, 
chased Grace back towards the street!
(Grace running down corridor as ten creatures -ghouls, zombies, werwolves monsters, a head on a clawing hand, an evil octopus rising from basement, etc…) chase her. They are so close she is arching her back to avoid them.)

chattering hungry teeth.
(Nine beasts from story, one for each page, at door and all windows of house (which has a number 1 by its door) trapped, gnashing their teeth.)

(Grace diving through air.)

“Hey,” Grace checked her limbs,
her body, brain and mouth,
(Grace tumbling along footpath. House walking away in background.)

“While I was running, 
did I just learn how to count!?”
(Grace sitting sprawled on footpath again, looking baffled.)


The End

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