Day 157: Dream For Me

Dream For Me
Matt Zurbo


Vinnie had a problem.
Dreaming his dreams was not enough.
(Kid sleeping, confused expression on his face.)

He wanted to live them.
Taste them.
Feel them.
(Bedroom, dark, sitting on side of bed, alf awake/tired.)

It wasn’t as though they were bad dreams. Listening to Vinnie tell them at the park was one of the neighbourhood delights.

Everybody was always amused.
In love.

The stories he told drove some people mad.

Others felt saved.

Others inspired!
None of them ever felt bored.

Sometimes Vinnie didn’t want to talk about his dreams, but people looked forward to them so much.
“No problems,” he would lie, and tell them anyway.

Soon, there were too many people wanting to hear his dreams. Vinnie would have to nap in the middle of the day.
Which was, ironically, tiring.
(Vinnie walking, exhausted.)

One time, Vinnie confessed to his mum and Dad:”This is so frustrating! I’m always talking about MY dreams. I always know what’s going to happen.

Vinnie brought so much colour and imagination to the town, but lacked adventure of his own. The everyday seemed boring after his dreams.
(Walking, dejected. Everything seems grey.)

Mum and Dad spoke about this to the local butcher, who’s daughter spoke about it to the art teacher, who mentioned it to the netball team. Before long, the town had a plan.

A week or two later Vinnie woke up and set about his day.

He walked out the door, bracing himself to tell more people about his dreams. To pretend smile, and pretend to be happy so they might smile and be happy.
Then he saw a sign about his gate: Vinnie’s Daydream.
“What’s this…?” he said.

And  the most amazing day uncurled…
(Vinnie walking down the street. A kid is standing with a cardboard cut out of a dream creature. As are other people in the street. The policeman had a cardboard cut out of Vinnie flying, arms wide. The baker has a cardboard cut out of a dancing cow, etc…)

(Vinnie walking along footpath in awe. Cars passing have cardboard cut outs of rocket ships. Short, medium and tall kids carrying a cardboard cut out of a rainbow. Someone is holding a long stick up high with a cardboard cut out of Vinnie in a balloon.)

(Group of very young kids running by Vinnie with sticks with wind socks painted like fish on them. Other people carrying a Chinese dragon. Someone on tippy-toes is straining to hold up a cardboard cut out of Vinnie above the dragons, as if he is riding it. There is a balloon or two in the air. The two garbos are blowing bubbles. Other really small kids running with wind toys.)

(Vinnie walking surrounded by people dressed like clowns, acrobats, strong men, ringleaders. Some holding cardboard cut outs of loins, and elephants.)

(Vinnie, eyes wide with delight, as school kids running past him, each one with bird cut out, crows, eagles, hawks, parrots, swans, pelicans, flock of budgies, etc in amongst them are box kites and a cardboard cut out of a person flying a birdman glider. One person has a cardboard cut out of Vinnie sitting on the back of a flying goose.)

(Vinnie, a bit ruffled, walking, happy, as, around him, are dancing people friendly, monster costumes and cardboard cut out dancing monsters – including some of the creatures from Where the Wild Things Are.)

Vinnie couldn’t believe it!
“I don’t remember any of these dreams,” he gasped.

“Of course not,” the bully said.
“They’re ours,” added the skipping girl.  
(Vinnie hugging them. Everybody, with their cardboard cut outs, cheering, hands in air.)

That night, Vinnie dreamed like never before!
(Vinnie, moonlit in bed, sleeping with a smile.)




The End

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