Day 169: Bobbi-Boo Does a Spew

Bobbi-Boo Does a Spew
Matt Zurbo


Here’s a story, strange but true, about lovely, little Bobbi-Boo.

All Bobbi-Boo wanted to do, was have fun, like me and you. But she went and got the flu.

Little Bobbi-Boo, friend to me and you, got the flu, then turned blue. What more could go wrong for Bobbi-Boo?

Bobbi-Boo, who’s skin was blue, with snotty flu, thought she might try a carrot stew.

A carrot stew for me and you and Bobbi-Boo. 200 carrots would surely do? Then throw in a mouse or two.

A 200 carrot stew, with a mouse or two, made Bobbi-Boo, who’s skin was blue, have a big, awful, orange spew!

Then, with an “Ew!” down the flue with carrot stew, you and me soon did spew, too!

Poor little Bobbi-Boo, skin blue, carrot stew, snotty flu, making us spew… Her only option left; voodoo!

Voodoo Lou, who was Zulu, was not a fan of Bobbi-Boo’s skin blue flu, so, backed by Motley Crew playing didgeridoos and a wazoo, cast a weird spell or two, with an evil vulture brew, but everything went askew, when the whole town caught it, too!

A town all blue, with orange spew, lapping up vulture brew, dancing to bad voodoo, played by Motley Crew, on didgeridoo and a wazoo, to shake the flu, all because of Bobbi-Boo!

What’s a poor girl meant to do!?

Just when Bobbi-Boo thought the worst had passed through, for her, me, you, Zulu Voodoo Lou and Motley Crew, her blue flu, with orange spew, descended on the local zoo!

Finally, Bobbi-Boo did the world’s mightiest poo, making a big pile of goo, from which weird vegies grew! A cure, a cure! How do you do! A cure for me, a cure for you, a cure for Zulu Lou and his voodoo, even a cure for Motley Crew!

The vegies grew for me and you. Tasted sweet, and healthy, too. Time to sack Voodoo Lou, and send off the Motley Crew, pack up their didgeridoos, then clean up all the goo of orange spew, left on the ground at the zoo.

Hey! Everything as good as new! Thank you, thank you, Bobbi-Boo! Until then, we say “Hoo-roo!”

But next time bring a bucket, too!


The End

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