Day 171: One Glass of Milk

One Glass of Milk
Matt Zurbo


Every little kid wants something.
(Text on white page, with small image under it on bottom of page, of a ball, a Venus flytrap in a pot, and a little person in a bird cage.)

Alexandria wanted a doll a day for the rest of her life!
(Girl in middle of sea of dolls.)

Vootie wanted to walk on the moon.
(Skate-dude, with skateboard, broadshorts, etc… and helmet on, standing on moon.)

Simone wanted to be left alone.
(Boy in corner of page, hunched, looking over turned back.)

All Edgar wanted was a glass of milk.
(Close-up of glass of milk. Excited kid in background.)

Not just any glass.
(Edgar holding glass out, as Santa pours milk from a carton, up high, into glass. Edgar is holding his nose, turning his head away in disgust!)

Not delivered by just any-old-one.
(Edgar, missing a tooth, is holding a ‘halt’ hand out. Other hand is clutching tooth. The tooth fairy, a hairy man with bony knees and a tutu with wire wings, is holding out a glass of milk from the fridge.)

It had to be from a cow.
(Cow standing on hind legs, cocky, glass of milk in its front hoof. Edgar has ‘wow’ expression.) 
And fresh!

Little Julie wanted to be able to pick on the bullies.
Rory wanted an adventure in the Outback.
Gianpiero wanted to be in a rock band!
(As described.)

Edgar just wanted that glass of milk!
(Glass of milk.)

Some kids wished on a falling star!
(Two or three kids running in horror as flaming meteorite is about to hit ground.)

Some on wishing wells!
(Heap of kids around well, throwing coins in. Elf with miner’s helmet on is pushing wheelbarrow out of tunnel under well. It is full of coins.)

Some kids wished on birthday cakes.
(One kid buckled over with effort of blowing super hard. Other kid has empty plate and cake in face.)

Edgar didn’t make wishes.
(Half asleep, still in pajamas, candle on hand, walking down street. Other kids can be seen through windows, asleep.)

He got up early.
(Walking through dark, on pjs, still half asleep, holding candle up. Can just make out lights/dawn in distance.)
Went down to the farm.

Did what had to be done!
(Face against cow side, asleep, but hands milking cow into a bucket.)

One glass, every day, by 7am made him feel strong! Invincible!
(Image of glass of milk.)

Some kids were crazy smart!
Others good at art!
Some were rich, others studied real hard.
(Four kids sitting in sandpit. Each one has a thought cloud above their head of their daydream/wish. Kid as a scientist. Kid riding a dinosaur’s back. Kid dressed as king. Kid flying. Edgar standing in middle of them, with hammer and saw under arm, drinking full glass of milk in his hand. There is an old, broken down wooden fence behind them.)

(Other kids still sitting in sand, but looking up. All that is left of the fence is some of it’s railing. Edgar is in middle of ten foot tall wooden castle he has built from fence. He is hammering last piece in. Glass with small amount of milk left on one of the tower tops.)

(Edgar, super happy, milk on lip, holding up glass of milk, right in reader’s face.)


The End




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