Day 191: Try Again

Try Again
Matt Zurbo

Yet another of the favourite story method – no dialogue!


Girl, floppy top, with skateboard.

Girl being pushed around by indifferent crowd.

Girl pushing off on skateboard. Bullies taunting, others pulling faces. Some shaking fists.

Girl going hard on skateboard. Fewer people.

Girl, launching off skate ramp. Now just one or two people standing around.

Girl, on board, hands out, jumping over monster mouths, and tentacles.

Girl on board, cutting through the air, towards giant, angry, face image in stormy clouds.

Girl being thrown backwards by giant bolt of lightening.

Girl falling forward through air, board tumbling behind her.

Girl, landed on bum, propping herself up. Board upside down beside her. She has just failed a three foot jump of skate ramp. Crowd a mix of indifferent and laughing.  

Girl throwing board away in frustration/tears.

Cherub picking board up.

Cherub, flying, returning board to girl, two other cherubs gently pushing her forward to accept it.

Girl riding forward again. Past dozens of groping hands.

Girl launching. Girl on skateboard, ascending past eagle.

Girl arching, avoiding black storm clouds.

Girl approaching mother-like cloud figure who’s arms are out wide.

Girl passing through mother-like image as if it was smoke, as it hugs.

Girl, cloud trailing off her, warm smile.

Girl pushing through top of clouds, no board.

Girl at apex of accent, warm, happy,

Girl beginning to fall through air.

Girl tumbling through air.

Girl, face planted, board on side behind her. This time she has travelled 10 feet from jump. Crowd is jumping, fist pumping, cheering, jeering, booing.

Girl dusting herself off.

Girl weaving through policeman, then barking dog, then bully, then parents, then angry person, as if they were witches hats.

Crowd all shouting, screaming, as girl, hunched, pushing very hard, approaches ramp

Ramp in bottom of page, skateboard tumbling through air in middle, and at top of frame, girl’s feet, as if she is flying. Nothing but air in background.


The End

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