Day 193: Shout!

Shout, Sigh, Gasp!
Matt Zurbo


Shout, shout, let it all out.
Have a thought, and idea,
let it brew, let it bubble,
let it be buffered by life,
battered and beat, with all of the day’s strife,
until you’re ready to pop,
find a hill, get to the top,
and SHOUT with joy, and SHOUT,


Sigh, sigh, but not a first,
first you have to build up a thirst.
For something nice, for something pretty,
something, anything, warm and witty.
Have a hard life, wear some pain,
feel like you’re going slowly insane.
Be tired, exhausted, ready to flop,
thirsty, starving, too bothered and hot.

Then find that thing,
that person,
that moment or place,

and let a sigh seep out from your face.

Gasp, wow, really gasp,
With open jawed wonder as if in a trace.
First, get yourself in a routine,
same old conversations, same old scene.
Same old places you’ve always been.

Then read something about, say, the stars,
wondrous facts, about galaxies and Mars,
or hear something simple from a guitar,
that embraces you, and all that you are,

and let out a little
as if you’ve been magic fed,
the smallest sound, released from your head.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, that tasted nice.
And no, I don’t mean sugar and spice.
This is how you say Mmm thrice:
First get fed a diet of mice.
Same old meals, never roll the dice.

Then, decide to make something grand,
or have it made for you, by your old Nan.
Something different, something new to you.
a thousand year old recipe for Gaelic stew,
severed on a freezing day, when your fingers are blue.
when you’re too cold to know what to do.

First you feel the warmth in your hands,
then the warmth in your belly lands.

Before you know it,
the taste fills you head,

Mmm, mmm, mmm, you will moan
all the way to bed.

Finally, to complete our small band of noise,
of burps, sighs, moans from girls and boys,
I invite you to find something
funny and true,
on a dull day, with nothing to do,
when you’re so bored you head feels like glue.
Start with a pfft, like air from a balloon,

a g-warf,

a giggle,

a mirp, a fsst…

then burst out like a loon!

Laugh like a dinosaur,
chuckle, roar, blow your socks off!
Roll on the floor, laugh out the door,
louder and louder,
more, more, more!

Laugh like a shout,
let out a sigh,
gasp your breath back,
then mmm, mmm, mmm, wave good-bye.


The End

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