Day 198: Hippo, Big Toe

Hippo, Big Toe
Matt Zurbo


(Kid, with red, woollen onsie on, fist over mouth, coughing/clearing throat.)

big toe,
so slow,
river flow.
(Kid, finger in air, Behind him: A hippo, big toe, snail, river.)

Silly dance,
zombie trance,
bull ants.
Baggy pants.
(Kid doing silly dance. Other three things lined up beside him.)

Scary clown,
big frown,
upside down,
in a gown.
(Clown, upside down, as described, annoyed. Kid, holding small list, looking up at him.)

(All four lined up. Toaster popping. Kid pointing to poster. We can see the word ‘toaster on his list.)

White knight,
lose fight,
pants tight,
undies bright.
(White knight, no pants, next to Kid biting tongue, assuming boxing pose, while ref shouts at him. Tight pants and spotted undies next to them.)

Hippo with big toe in river flow, moving slow,
(As described. Boy in small rowing boat behind it, shouting into megaphone.)

Silly dance of zombie trance, in baggy pants, with bull ants.
(Kid, silly zombie and bull-ants standing on top of each other, all dancing.)

The scary clown, with big frown is upside down in a gown.
(Same upside down image as before, but clown now blowing a trumpet, and raising hat to startled Kid.)

The monster lobster with a toaster poster.
(As described.)

The white knight with pants tight, and undies bright, lost his fight.
(Kid reading list, which is now longer. Knight, face down, arse up, undies showing out of bum flap in tight armour.)

Hey, are you alright?
(Kid, list still in hand, clown, hippo, monster, all looking down on fallen knight.)

The hippo with big toe in river flow moving slow did the silly zombie trance dance, in baggy pants with bull ants.
(As described. Hippo and bull ants. Kid lying on creek bank, reading list out loud…)

The hippo with big toe in river flow moving slow did the silly zombie trance dance, in baggy pants with bull ants, while the monster lobster with toaster poster won his fight against pants tight white knight with undies bright.
(Close-up of kid, finger in air, reading from list.)

What a sight!
(Previous image, everything going on. Hippo dancing in river like a zombie with bull ants, while monster lobster defeats knight.)

The hippo with big toe, did a silly dance called zombie trance, with the monster lobster and pants tight white knight.

(Kid, holding list with both hands, mouth wide, eyes shut, announcing…)

In the super slow river flow, bull ants with baggy pants, stuck their toaster poster to the tight white knight’s bright undies.

Hippo tight pants with a frown, zombie ants upside down, white knight toaster in a trance, undies on baggy lobster dance, the big toes of scary monster, silly poster hung on rollercoaster! 

I hope nobody said “Flees” because now they all have itchy knees!
(All characters from story scratching and grimacing. Kid standing tall, reading out from list.)

Double the trouble, double the fun, double the amount of everyone!
(Kid reading in middle of very busy page, with double the amount of each character.)

Stand on heads, one two three four!
(All characters wobbly, scared, annoyed, standing in a tower, on each other’s heads. Kid, contently reading, on top)

Lose your balance, fall to the floor!
(Kid, still contently reading is falling through air with other terrified characters.)

(Everyone on their bums/lying on ground, tangled, bruised, looking angrily at kid who is happily looking at his list.)

Okay, that’s enough of you. Best you go, take your rhymes, too!
(Others shooing Kid off.)

(Kid looking a bit dumfounded, standing alone with his list.)


The End.


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