Day 228: Tree Houses

Tree Houses
Matt Zurbo


What would the world’s coolest tree house look like?
(Two kids, with planks of wood, staring at a tree.)

Maybe it would have a broad deck, for sun-baking and cricket.
Though sixes would be out.

Maybe it would be inside the tree. That would be pretty good!
(Windows up the trunk, spiral staircase inside.)

It could be in the high branches, where the wind rocks to and fro. Anyone not cool enough would get seasick.

Maybe it’s underground, in the roots.

Mine would have a waterslide,
off a cliff,
into the sea.
(Shark waiting with open mouth for kid coming off slide.)

Imagine if your tree house was a tower!
(Wooden tower protruding from treetop.)

Or had 100 platforms.
It would be it’s own suburb, or village.

Tree houses would sometimes go to battle with other tree houses.
(Pirates in tree houses battling Neanderthals in tree house next to it.)

Imagine if your tree house was made from kites that got stuck up a tree.
(Colourful patchwork kite tree house.)

Maybe the world’s best tree house would have a fireman’s pole,
and a telescope.
(That rotated on lots of cogs and gears.)

Or spin like a merry-go-round.

Maybe a whole circus would live in it.

It’s possible the world’s coolest tree house is on a mangrove tree.
You’d feel like you’re out as sea.
(Indigenous kids in it, fishing lines dangling, crocs and crabs beneath)

Or a giant mountain ash tree!    
(Spiral steps in trunk leading to very small looking tree house protruding from tree’s side.)

Then there are tree houses joined by walking bridges.
It would be like a playground up high.

Could the coolest tree house in the world be the one with a band living in it?

Or the one filled with monkeys!?

Maybe it would be a place where robots hung out, and let their gears slow down.

Or had the best view.
(Top of the hill, framed by full moon.)

Or maybe,

The coolest tree house in the world would be the one made by you and me!
(Two kids building a wonky little tree house. One on the tools, the other eating a sandwich.)



The End

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