Day 235: Aliens?

Matt Zurbo


One day an alien ship landed in Yasmin’s backyard.
(Little girl watching ship landing.)

This was BIG!
(Huddle of media, military and onlookers running)

But Dad wouldn’t let anyone else in because he’d just planted new flowers.
(Dad, holding hose on them, keeping them on other side of fence, girl looking up.)

Yasmin played the aliens some heavy metal, just to see how they would react.
“I bet they have three eyes,” she said. “All aliens have three eyes.”
(Putting vinyl on, pointing to spot on forehead.)

Dad was frying them up some snags. “That’s not using your imagination much, honey,” he said.
“What do you mean?” asked Yasmin.
(Dad, ‘Iz da chef’ apron on, belly out, casually frying sausages.)

“Well, maybe they’re dinosaurs that evolved to be really smart,” Dad thought aloud.
(Image if dinosaur aliens.)

“Gasp! What if they’re a type of bee! I accidentally stood on a bee once!” Yasmin panicked.
(Image of bee aliens.)

“Well, I reckon they’re made of gas. And have to move in protective bubbles, because the Earth has wind,” Dad thought aloud.
(Gas aliens in bubbles.)

“Woh…!” said Yasmin. “You won’t need these, then!”
(Girl eating a sausage. Dad, hands in air, picturing/describing aliens.)
“And their eyes are made from liquid light,” Dad said.

“Or maybe they’re intelligent flowers,” Yasmin smiled. “Maybe smell is how they talk? Angry smells, happy smells.”
(Flower aliens.)

“Now you’re getting it!” Dad grinned. “Or, maybe they have ten arms and no legs.”
(Ten arms, basic body, no features.)

“And trumpets for ears!” Yasmin cheered.
(Ten arms, basic body, trumpets for ears.)

“And eyes all over their body,” Dad chuckled.
(plus eyes everywhere.)

“And a big, sticky mouth with two sets of teeth!” said Yasmin.
(Close up of Dad and girl peering into big mouth with two sets of teeth.)

“Two mouths with four sets of teeth!” boomed Dad. “And a big nose!”
(As described.)

(Wordless image of Dad and daughter rolling around laughing.)

“But they’re tiny,” said Dad.
(Alien as described, at foot of boot.)

“Or huge!” gasped Yasmin.
(Dad and daughter standing, looking up arms (remember no legs) of huge alien.)

“And have little versions of themselves living in a dome, in their head.”
(As described, pulling leavers.)
“And tentacles everywhere.”

“Maybe they’re going to crush us all!?”
(Giant alien, as described, angry, firing lasers.)

“And eat us like snags!”
(Alien at barbie, with tongs, drooling as it looks at Dad and daughter.)


“Here one comes now…”
(Dad and daughter hugging each other in fear.)

(Green coloured little girl alien that looks exactly like Yasmin, but with a third eye, popping out of spaceship.)

(Yasmin and girl alien playing happily in sandpit, while Dad and Dad alien tell tall tales over barbie. Media and military can be seen peering nervously over fence.)


The End

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