Day 243: The Sandman

The Sandman
Matt Zurbo


I’ve had a big day, lots of fun,
but don’t want it to ever stop.

Oh, no, no, no, somebody help!
my eyelids are starting to drop!

Me, I blame the Sandman,
the no good, dirty ol’ thief,

Casting all sorts of spells,
to make me go to sleep!

First, he makes my eyes heavy,
then, he slurs my voice,

then he starts whispering “Sleep…”
as if I don’t have a choice.

Well, I’m not giving in that easy,
I’ll fight him with every breath,

kick, cry, sook and whine,
make a really big mess!

Still the Sandman comes at me,
playing as mean as can be,

turning my arms and legs to led,
giving me sneak peeks of dreams.

Dreams of flying, castles, the moon,
days at the beach that never end.

Each blink lasting a little longer,
my day harder to defend!

Then, to make matters worse,
Sandman brings on the night!

I kick and thrash and gargle,
putting up a horrible fight.

Next, he gets downright sneaky,
recruiting my dad and mum,

to hug and love and sooth me,
with songs he tells them to hum.

Oh, no, my last light is fading!
Even though I’m not ready to fall.

Curse you, Mr Sandman!
You’re going to ruin it all!

Okay, okay, Mum and Dad are sighing,
I must be basically asleep.

They croon ‘so cute’ and ‘perfect’,
which means I’m not making a peep.

So dream I will, and rest I must,
but Sandman, I will not be bowed.

Tomorrow, I’ll be well rested,
ready to go another round!

The End

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