Day 246: Would You Rather

Would You Rather
Matt Zurbo


Hey! Let’s play: Would You Rather.
Okay, you first…
(Boy and girl, walking down dirt road.)

Would you rather… spend the rest of your life too cold, or only eating white bread?
(Boy playing on tree swing. Girls laughing.)

Okay. Would you rather… Spend the rest of your life with a fly landing on your face all day, or a mosquito buzzing in your ear all night?
(Girl Talking. Boy swatting at fly, girl ducking mosquito.)

I’ve got it! Would you rather… have sabertooth teeth, or antelope horns?
(Boy talking. Boy with fangs, girl looking, confused, at her horns.)

Would you rather… be a turtle who’s happy with how slow it is, or an very fast emu, who is always frustrated it’s not faster?
(Girl talking, riding turtle, drinking fruit cocktail from a straw. Boy on emu, racing.)

Would you rather… be always falling over, or be forever tired?
(Boy talking, falling backwards. Girl pointing finger up as if to make a point, but falling asleep.)
Or not know your ABC, versus not be able to count? 

Would. You. Rather! Wear a nappy the rest of your life…Noooo….!
Or be deaf?
(Girl talking. Boy wearing nappy, holding hand to er to better hear girl talk.)

Would you rather… never here music again, or never sing or dance?
(Boy talking as he dances. Girl, hands on hips, looking annoyed at him.)

Would you rather live forever as a lonely ghost, cold and lonely, or simply cease to exist?
Hm. Deep.
(Girl as ghost, boy, hand on chin, thinking hard.)

Would you rather have a dinosaur for a pet, or be friends with an alien?
(Boy riding dinosaur. Girl getting shoulder ride from alien.)

Would you want to be the first to discover aliens even if it meant you could never come back to Earth, or not know they ever existed?
(Alien beckoning girl and boy to get on spaceship.)

Would you rather have a totally amazing, brilliant voice, not sell a single song, but at least your friends love it…”
(Boys singing loud.)
…Or have a horrible voice and be famous?
(Girl finishing his sentence, glam dressed with fans.)

Would you rather be a little too weird, or too shy?
(Girl talking, with three eyes, boy peeking from hiding behind a pole.)

Would you rather everything always smelt like rotten cheese, forever, or you had hick-ups for ten years?
(Boy and girl talking/shouting to each other, as the run, flying kites.)

Would you rather be blind, or have no arms?
(Girl talking, boy bumping into pole.)

Okay, I take that one back. Would you rather be a giant trapped in small world, or small trapped in a giant world?
(Girl, huge, crushing house by sitting, people shouting at her. One of them the boy.)

Live in an octopus belly, or, or, or… um… be the god of bony knees?
Haha, you’re nuts!
(Boy talking from portal window in octopus. Girl laughing at him, slapping her knee.)

Be able to fly or read minds?
Hmm. A good one!
Smell like a dozen farts all the time, or have people laughing at you all the time?
Gross! Haha!
Save a life, or discover time travel?
(Girl and boy, animated, eyes wide, hands all over the place, facing each other as they talk.)

A long living mouse, or a short living eagle?
Always tired, or always hungry?
Be a good clown or a bad magician?
Too easy!
Save an endangered species or discover a planet?
(Girl and boy walking away from reader, down dirt road.)

See everything like a line drawing, with no colour or tone, or never laugh?
I love this game!
(Getting smaller as they get further away.)

Me too!
Be able to talk to animals, but not people?
(Very small now, disappearing over rise.)

The End.

Would you rather be glad for how healthy you are, or complain about how hard life is?(Final page. Girl and boy sitting on a bench. Girl holding a balloon.)


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