Day 250: Dance On the Wind

Dance On the Wind
Matt Zurbo


If I could I’d swallow the ocean!

And eat the sky!

Or eat the ocean…

and paint the sky!

If I could I’d listen to the Earth!

And sing to the storm!

I’d stomp down a mountain…

and shout out a parade!

If I could I’d sigh 100 rivers!

And laugh from every drain!

I’d feed the stars fish!

And pocket the sun and moon!

If I could I’d roll the planets…

in a game of marbles,

at a bully,

towards tri-stars!

If I could, I’d outrun speed…

and shout louder than sound!

I’d throw EVERYTHING into the air!

And catch everything that falls!

If I could I’d wash away all sorrow,

and bottle all tears…

I’d ask everybody to join a carnival I’d made!

If I could, I’d set free every zoo…

and run with the heard!

Build a rocket…

and talk to all birds!

I’d dance on the wind…

and nibble on a dragon’s tale!
If I could, I’d watch movies projected onto clouds,

whisper the world’s smallest sound,

ride a balloon with no basket…

and be glad you are here.



The End

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