Day 261: Oh, Dream…

Oh, Dream…
Matt Zurbo

We all have our own dreams. I’ll leave the art direction for this story to the artists… and, of course, the reader.

Oh to fall,

away from noise and action and people,

just drift and fall to sleep.

Oh to fall into dreams.

Safe dreams,

dangerous dreams.

Bold and weird dreams.

Dreams the world shares,

of mountains,

of being alone,

of rising high, flying.

Dreams of love,


dreams of someone who cares.

Oh, they’re so important, special,


A place where there is no logic,

yet you can figure things out,

be free.


Of a friend that visits, night after night.

Of things you can’t explain.

Of all weathers.

And moments you want to last forever,

that you need to last forever,

yet slip, slide,

until you’re carrying them with you, in the back of your mind,

into the next day…

The . End

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