Day 299: Like to Wonder

Like To Wonder
Matt Zurbo


(Two kids running, laughing, one looking back over their shoulder.)

Sometimes I like to wonder
what it is you think,
when you and I are hiding out
under the kitchen sink.
(Both kids curled up under sink. First kid smiling, peeking out from hiding spot. Main kid staring at first kid.)

Sometimes I like to wonder
what it is you fear?
Being late, embarrassing gaffes,
a big monster without ears?
(First kid running from big monster without ears.)

Sometimes I like to wonder
what really moves your heart?
Thoughts of sailing away,
and making a new start?
(Both kids in an apple crate boat, sailing through rough seas, a dragon poking head out of water in distance.)

Sometimes I like to wonder
what the garbo wants?
If he enjoys his life,
or is sick of do’s and don’ts.
(Main kid watching a dirty, overweight garbo dressed as a pirate in a tutu, holding a broom like a sword.)

Sometimes I tend to think,
about the panda and its needs.
Does it dream of its next meal,
or the jungle breeze?
(Kid boosting Panda over its zoo wall. Other panda lowering itself down the other side with a rope.)

What about the kangaroo?
Or even the emu?
How grand or small their plans,
beyond what they always do?
(Kid with emus and kangaroos as they all play in, and run behind, and push, an overcrowded billy cart. Two wombats running alongside.)

Do they imagine the Dreamtime,
their place in Indigenous lore,
that they are mighty bush gods,
lifting the sun up off the floor?
(Kid watching two kangaroos, one eating, other looking at the sun.)

Sometimes I wonder what you have
for an imaginary friend?
A girl, a boy, a frog?
A giant that looks like a hen?
(Both kids sitting, leaning back into sitting giant with feathers, casually looking at the stars.)

I wonder that about the policeman,
and the baby next door, too.
All our imaginary friends –
imagine taking them to school!
(Main kid watching schoolyard with kids and their imaginary friends beside them. Some tall, some tiny, some Vikings, some aliens, some ballerinas, etc…)

Sometimes I like to picture,
a strange world in which,
our imaginary friends,
got just what they wished.
(Two main kids, and two more, with their imaginary friends – a big bunny, a gladiator, a pixy and a princess – all eight of them wrestling, laughing, to be the one to fly a kite.)

Sometimes I like to wonder,
if the old farm ute could talk,
would it tell tales rough and wild,
or be more of a car dork?
(Kid looking at rusty old FJ ute, with ghosts of farmers in the front and wild kids climbing the hay in the back, and dogs running around it, barking.)

Sometimes I see a face,
and wonder what it’s seen?
Hard sweat and toil,
or a life on the breeze.
(Kid looking at a leathery old Peruvian. Echo images behind the Peruvian of him as a raging warrior, a farmer, a business man, a slave, dressed ordinary smiling holding figure out for butterfly, etc…)

Sometimes I imagine,
every one of us a monster.
How different would you act,
if I looked more like a lobster?
(First kid – we can tell by clothes – is now a monster, looking, deadpan, at main kid – we can tell by clothes – now a giant lobster.)

Sometimes I like to wonder,
what superhero you’d be,
if you had the chance,
and would team-up with me?
(Both kids from the start, running, laughing, with towel capes and undies on over their pants. One of them has cloth with two holes tied over eyes.)



The End





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