Day 319: Libby Lip’s Broad Rimmed Hat

Libby Lip’s Broad Rimmed Hat
Matt Zurbo


Libby Lip
found a hat,
with a rim,
broad and flat!
(Little girl skipping, looking at a sunhat with a 15 foot rim, stuck in branches of a tree.)

Sure, it was
kind of big,
but no sun would
shine on her lid!
(Girl wearing enormously wide sunhat.)

She put some grapes
on it’s rim,
to give it
a fruity trim!

Monkeys appeared
for the grapes,
which Libby Lip
thought was great!
(Monkeys up on hat.)

Tourist came
to see the monkeys!
Libby’s hat was
getting funky!
(Tourists on hat, taking photos, monkeys playing up to cameras, chasing each other, eating grapes, etc…)

Soon there was
a vendor or two,
and more creatures
from the zoo!
(Hat starting to get real crowded. Girl under/wearing it starting to show strain.)

Streamers and
confetti, too!
What more can
a small girl do?
(Party on hat. One of the people on it holding a lime spider drink near the rim, that has a straw going all the way to the girl.)

Soon, the rim
began to spin!
up there dancing.
(Now has carnival workers, too, jugglers, strongman, etc… and carousel horses, that monkeys and tourists are on.)

She briefly met
a boy called Kye,
who wore stilts
oh, so high!
(Girl in bottom of picture looking up at stilts beside her. Everyone on her hat trying to hang on as she tilts her head up.)

Kye carried a
pole with him,
to balance with,
above her rim!
(Girl below, with hat. Boy up high, on stilts, but has balancing pole, with lots of plants and creatures hanging off either end, including abseiling couple, and kids dangling on playground swings, and a monkey siting on his head.)

But a monkey
gave him a trip!
Kye went timber
past Libby Lip…
(Girl standing, watching. Monkey in front of her, raising one stilt, both stilts falling.)

(Monkey and girl wincing.)

And still more
people came,
Libby’s hat
bringing her fame.
(Hat overcrowded, even has a dragon on it. And cherubs flying around it. With a queue to get on. Girls is using her hands to hold up hat from underside, really straining.)

Friends brought in
a pole each,
to help Libby
stay on her feet!
(Girl under hat rim, holding it up. Five friends with poles propping it up at the edges.)

This was indeed,
some special hat!
Until came along
a cheeky cat.
(Cat rubbing up against girl’s legs, girls’ hands stuck holding hat up. Cat hair drifting everywhere. Some monkeys and tourists watching over lip of rim.)

Oh no, Libby Lip,
please, please!
Whatever happens
do not sneeze!
(Cat hair under girl’s nose. Her hands holding up hat. Her mouth is wide, about to sneeze!)

(Everybody on hat clutching each other in fear.)

(Girl pulling face, trying not to sneeze.)

(Girl scrunching face, trying not to sneeze.)

(Girl is standing next to a ledge. She is sneezing. The hat is raised off her head, towards ledge. Everybody and thing are wide-eyed, falling off hat over ledge.)

(Girl looking over ledge.)

“What big hat?”
said Libby Lip
as away she
quickly skipped.
(Hat stuck in dead branches again, Girl in background, skipping away, quickly.)


The End

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