Day 324: The Magician’s Hat

The Magician’s Hat
Matt Zurbo


If you should hum a tune,
I hope that you don’t mind,
I plan to spin and dance through it,
and leave this place behind.

To drift with your music,
beyond this and that,
to the magic place,
found in a magician’s hat.

There I’ll meet the rabbit,
who pops out on command,
as well as all the creatures,
I’d like for your backing band.

They’ll have come from… everywhere!
Near and far and beyond.
Bringing with them odds and sods,
the lost, the strange, singing along.

The magician will make them disappear,
then reappear again.
Taller, freer, hairier,
with full and lusty mains.

Music, music everywhere,
within a magic place!
All inside a hat,
worn above his face.

We’ll dance with cards up our sleeves,
roses spouting here and there!
Strongmen being bashful,
jugglers without a care!

As long as you keep singing,
there’s nothing we can’t do!
Your voice, oh so sweet,
is my imagination’s glue!

With it I can fly,

under it I can sore,

close my eyes,
give in to tides,

and use it to explore.

So sing, sing, sing!
As if mermaid taught!
Sing like a free slave,
safe from being caught.

Sing as if in the clouds,
or as though you are the breeze,
reminding me of the sweetest things,
I’ve never actually seen!

Sing for weird creatures,
the lost and the found,
all the distant places,
of the heart,
only found by sound.

Worlds that a magician knows,
but won’t speak of out loud,
that we can’t even imagine,
while caught up in the crowd.



The End

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