Day 330: And Then Go Splat!

And Then Go Splat!
Matt Zurbo


Jump! Jump!
Jump down the hall.
Jump, jump, jump,
for no reason at all.

Others may laugh,
tease and giggle,
but that’s because
their hearts are little!

Sing! Sing, Sing, Sing!
Croon a silly song,
with voice too high,
and notes too long!

When people ask,
“What tune is that?”
say it was written,
by your grumpy cat!

Yeah! Holler, howl,
that silly-billy song,
make sure your friends
all sing along!

Do yourself a loopy dance,
a quirky prance full of romance.
When people glance at said dance,
be wearing your loud tartan pants!

Zoom! Zoom around the room!
Make a rocket and go BOOM!
Break the sound barrier
passing Neptune’s moon!

Say hello, hello
to lonely old Mars!
At Saturn’s rings,
build alien cars!

Find a walrus,
juggle with it.
What? You can’t juggle?
That’s the funny bit!

Laugh? Laugh! Laugh!
Laugh loud and proud!
Make your cheer spread
throughout the crowd!

Find a stupid reason,
or admit there’s none.
Laugh, snort, chuckle,
at the passing sun!

Toot! Toot, toot honk, blat!
Now what do you think of that!?
Do it just because!
Toot, honk, honk at a bat!

Imagine a monster as a friend!
Then imagine it has a friend…
Two monsters and you, hanging out,
making Mum rage and shout!

Tell a bad joke, but get it wrong,
Write a bad book, or dumb song.
Pen a letter that kind of pongs.
Scribble a poem too dull and long.

Build, build, hammer, thump!
Something grand, yet half sunk!
If you fail, please fail well!
Those who try are super swell.

Sometimes rise,
Sometimes go splat!
Stumble, trip and fall flat!
I admire someone like that!

Better to try to fly
on broken wings,
than never want
to do anything.

Gah! Woh! Yoik! Fliberty boo!
Be a member of the human zoo!
So clever, yet, hopeless, too!
As clumsy as me, as fun as you!


The End

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