Day 336: Freedom Is…

Freedom Is…
Matt Zurbo


I wonder if I had wings, would I feel more free?
(Kid with wings, looks small as soaring in clouds.)

How would I handle the winds?
(Kid with wings tumbling through air.)

The cold?
(Kid, hugging own shoulders, cold, while arching around snowy peak.)

(Kid flying, being harassed by two eagles.)

Oh, the things that I would see…!
(Kid with wings, tiny, looking at storm god that takes up whole frame.)

But what would be the point of being free, if you could not hang out with me?
(One kid on ground, other kid looking down on them.)

A problem solved, if you’re as stubborn as us,
(Both kids flying, arm around each other’s shoulders. First kid has one, left wing, other kid has one right wing.)

one way or another, quite easily.
(One kid flying with wings, other with pilot’s helmet and goggles, in homemade glider suit, with small backpack of cogs, gears and little steam engine.)

If we had wings, where would we go?
(Both kids, man-made wings, natural wings, diving on angle into ocean. Octopus in bucket floating on surface. Under water is skeleton and a few mermaids.)

How good would sunrises be!?
(Kids, small, flying through rays of dawn sunlight.)

Would we be like the birds, eating twice our weight each day to stay healthy? 
(Both kids, with wings, sitting down eating a huge pile of hamburgers.) 

If everybody had wings, what would we do to escape the crowd?
(Both kids, wings on, standing on ground, looking up, three pairs of people with wings are fighting.)
Would people fight and claw?
Would air traffic roar?
Maybe the easiest way to not be loud, would be to hang out on the ground.

Or in mythology…
(Kids, wings on, interacting with flying dragon.)

If we had wings, what if we let the breeze simply take us where it will?
(Two kids arching around huge tree trunks.)

The past, the future, some distant land, over the furthest hill…
(Two kids flying, avoiding dinosaur mouth below them.)

Freedom, surely, is hanging out.
(One kid sitting on a branch. The other, arms/wings high, landing beside them.)

You drifting with me.
(Kid with natural wings flying, holding hands of kid with glider wings, who is dangling beneath.)

Me soaring with you.
(Lots of sky. Two kids, no wings, happy, pretend flying.)


The End


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