Day 340: Zombie Me Be

Zombie Me Be
Matt Zurbo


Zombie me be.
Like eat brain.
No eat brain,
give Zombie pain!

No eat walrus,
make me sad.
When eat monkey,
me fart bad!

Little kid do,
nice for lunch.
Eat his brain,
Munch, munch, munch!

Start to think,
like kid do.
Find fart funny.
Same with spew!

Me now want,
fly kid kite!
Simple, fun.
No give strife.

Zombies angry.
“No zombie do!”
“Make look bad,
me and you!”

Human laugh.
Break me heart.
Want fit in.
Kite good start.

Go to zoo.
Just like kid.
Eat gorilla,
sorry me did.

Now beat chest,
and throw poo.
What make me,
stupid gorilla do?

Zombie laugh more.
“Silly old me!”
Me chew girl,
climbing tree.

Now tea party,
me want have.
This is problem,
be real bad!

Me eat rabbit,
start run away.
Eat me monster,
grumble all day.

Eat aerobics,
Now do stupid dance,
across stupid floor. 

Nibble on giant,
give me boot!
Other zombie cheer,
“Laugh, giggle, hoot!”

Me eat dragon,
get chilli breath!
Tired of this,
Zombie need rest.

Gack! No! Ahh!
me swallow moth.
Now me head-butt,
light on porch.

Me had enough,
so eat rock.
Sit down still,
but start rot!

Worst of all,
eat little girl.
Now want unicorn!
Put hair in curls!

Other zombies laugh,
until wee!
Me then cry.
“Leave Zombie be!”

Finally me think,
what me do:
Me catch zombies,
put in stew.

No more laugh,
no more tease.
Me be zombie,
wild and free.

Oh no, now,
what me chew?
No more zombies
for me stew!

Eat own arm,
so zombie stay.
Then me legs,
chew away.

Soon me head,
all be left.
Zombie ideas,
not be best.

No you be
Zombie like me.
Stay school at.
Leave Zombie be.



The End

3 thoughts on “Day 340: Zombie Me Be

  1. Really enjoyed this!
    Saw a story about you in Gulf News (Dubai) and felt so inspired. You have a fan for life!


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