Day 348: Soup Amuck!

Soup Amuck!
Matt Zurbo


Mum, Dad, help! Come quick!
I think there’s a fly in my soup.
Either that or a raisin,
but only one of them might poop!
(Kid shouting to someone off page, while pointing into his bowl of soup.)

A raisin, somehow I doubt it,
unless raisins do backstroke!
Geez, I tell you what,
this fly’s a cocky bloke!
(Kid peering over bowl’s edge, fly doing backstroke in pumpkin soup.)

Look out! A spider’s diving,
in to get the fly.
Hurry, hurry, check-it-out!
We can wave the fly goodbye!

Yikes! Get your wetties on!
Here comes a lizard, chased by a cat!
And, yep, followed by a dog!
ready to attack!

A fly, a spider, a lizard,
a cat and dog and me!
Mum, please don’t go off!
It was them, them, you see!

Now what? A Galoop?
And other tricky beasts!?
The monsters from under my bed,
want to join this soup feast!

No! You can’t eat the dog!
Now I need an exorcist!
Maybe a kid’s party magician,
will find a job like this bliss?

Oh-no! Now what!
The magician has a band;
a travelling gypsy troupe,
in my soup!
This is NOT the meal I planned!

Okay, who brought wombats!?
Is that an unicorn I see?
Will you all stop slurping!
This meal was meant for me!

Nonono, keep away the baker!
His bread will soak it all up!
Will you at least wipe your feet?
My soup’s turning to muck!
(Bowl on table, chaos as described coming out of it, soup everywhere, kid holding back baker, tray of bread held above his head, licking his lips.)

A Galoop’s trying to swallow the cat!
The gypsies just pitched a tent!
Some fireman’s gone loopy,
the baker’s mood’s all bent!

Disco dancers, crocodiles,
flees in my cordial cup!?!?
What? Jugglers from the circus!
(Kid holding bowl, wincing as all this is going on in/above bowl.)

Before I pop my lid!
Now my soup is ruined!
Just look at what you did!
(Kid pointing, everybody/thing sulking as they leave.)

Good luck to the neighbours,
go trample their scrambled eggs!

The fly wants more?
(Fly on side of messy, mostly empty bowl, burping.)

That’s it, I’m going to bed!



The End

3 thoughts on “Day 348: Soup Amuck!

  1. This is beyond wonderful Matt! What a zany picture book this would make!!! I think MY SOUP HAS RUN AMOUK is the perfect title too. Maybe you’d like to have a look at The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators website They have a huge presence down under. Great people, great support for beginners and published alike. Be well!


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